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Jun. 30th, 2016 07:59 pm
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I feel like people who don't follow British politics are the people who absolutely should be doing so right now. Because those of us who do in general can't really enjoy what is in retrospect Sharktopus / Michael Bay / Vampire Diaries levels of over-the-top unbelievability, because it's sad and terrifying and maddening and infuriating. Whereas if you don't actually care about UK politics, trust me, USian dumpster fire weirdness has nothing on the last 24 hours in Britain.

Which is my way of saying that Buzzfeed has justified its entire existence today with this summary of 30 June 2016. If you care about Britain, laughing is a nice distraction from crying. And if you don't, well, at least you'll know that Lindsey Lohan made Parliament very very angry.

Ban Evasion and Your Community

Jun. 30th, 2016 02:06 pm
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This is your periodic reminder that ban evasion is against the Dreamwidth terms of service. Using a second Dreamwidth account to comment to, or otherwise contact, a user or community who has banned your first account, should be investigated as ban evasion.

If you are a community admin who has been experiencing ban evasion from your users, you must also file a Terms of Service complaint against the accounts which continue to harass your community.

The antispam department does not handle Terms of Service complaints.

we are the sons of no one

Jun. 30th, 2016 04:34 pm
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Star Wars

Astronomy in Reverse by [ profile] knight_tracer and [ profile] lady_ragnell
Poe, Finn, and Rey exchange messages while she's off on Ahch-To. Oh my heart. This is lovely.

faintly I'll go, to take this head on by [ profile] ashintuku
Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren + food. I really like the structure of this.

good opinion once lost by [ profile] ladydaredevil
A highly enjoyable Star Wars/Pride & Prejudice fusion in which Ahsoka is Lizzie and Barriss is Darcy, with Anakin as Jane and Padme as Bingley for good measure.

In all your wanderings by [ profile] MirandaTam
AU in which Shmi accompanies Anakin and the Jedi to Coruscant and becomes the best Jedi ever. Because of course she is. Oh heart. (There's a sequel but it's still in progress, though it looks to be updated regularly.)

Mercy is the Mighties' Jewel by [ profile] akathecentimetre
Utterly stunning and brutal (if sometimes a little purple) Obi-Wan/Ventress spies AU that works really, really well. With some lovely art, too.

midwinter by [ profile] notcaycepollard
Luke tells Rey a story about why winter exists. Nicely done.

Myths and Legends by [ profile] tehkittykat
Rey learns a few things - and meets some interesting people - while listening to cantina gossip. This is delightful!


oh, but mama, that's where the fun is

Jun. 30th, 2016 04:28 pm
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Civil War Snippets by [ profile] Tenillypo
A series of vignettes from different parts of the movie. Some lovely Steve/Bucky scenes here, sweet and hot and melancholy in turn. (It says the series is incomplete but it doesn't feel unfinished.)

Everything Old is New Again by [ profile] Siria
So maybe a job as an SSR desk clerk wasn't as glamorous as punching out Hitler more than two hundred times, but it still put a roof over Steve's head and food on the table. AU where Steve gets out of the ice a lot earlier and ends up working with Peggy at the SSR. Oh heart.

love between us is a long river running by [ profile] lupinely
Steve looks at him. Soft in the dim light. Bucky wants to kiss him again. Just a minute longer, he tells himself. Just a moment. Inside him, the mirror is still shattering. I love you, Bucky thinks. Enough to live for it.

He wants to tell him. But he can't, yet.
Exquisitely melancholy post-CACW Steve/Bucky. *sobs* Oh my heart.

sanctuary by [ profile] mwestbelle
Quiet, lovely, domestic future Steve/Bucky.

Such Great Siege by [ profile] eyres
AU aftermath for CACW (sort of), in which Steve goes to prison to save Bucky and then things go even more wrong. Full of action and melancholy.

we're a story (unfinished, it's true) by [ profile] biggrstaffbunch
"Bucky," he says, voice almost uncertain. "I ain't a redhead with a cute smile and a mean right hook."

Bucky feels his stomach swoop even as a swell of affection makes him grin. So that's how it is, huh? Good for Steve.

"Well, pal," he says just as hesitantly, "I don't got three dollars to blow, either."
Steve and Bucky from the end of CACW to the mid-credits scene. *sobs*

Zhelaniye by [ profile] Nonymos
Bucky and Steve, from the CACW mid-credits scene and on after. *sobs* Oh my heart.


Spider-Man/Fantastic 4

Like a Horse and Carriage by [ profile] Traincat
Peter and Johnny get married so Peter can get extra FAFSA money, which is great, except for the part where Johnny would like them to be married for real. ADORABLE.

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The Different Hugs of Dick Grayson by [ profile] hawkstout
Because Dick hugs are the best hugs. Oh heart.


Harry Potter

loony: in defense of luna lovegood by [ profile] dirgewithoutmusic
This is a really lovely, meditative story about Luna that punches you in the gut just before the end. *sobs*



Thor/Harry Potter

intelligence is surest by [ profile] Tyleet
A tiny yet excellent morsel of Jane Foster as a Hogwarts student. (first person POV)


Like water dripping from a tree

Jun. 30th, 2016 04:23 pm
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The Raven Cycle

Half the Battle by [ profile] Siria
Enjoyable Adam-at-Harvard story.

Six of Cups by [ profile] coyotesuspect
Lovely pre-series story about Calla.


OSB Session Takeaways: Exit Condition

Jun. 30th, 2016 03:42 pm
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Frances Hocutt's session at Open Source Bridge, "Exit Condition: when to ragequit, raise hell, or duck and cover", was pretty awesome. I got a lot out of the session itself, out of bouncing ideas off of other conf attendees, and out of just thinking through this stuff in general. My takeaways kinda blew up too much to fit into tweet-sized points, so here they are.

Support your complainers.

When something goes awry and needs to be complained about, one person often ends up being the Designated Complainer. This is the person who is willing or expected to pipe up about any given problem (voice) even though it affects many people, not only them.

If you keep doing this to one person it will burn them out.

When raising a grievance, the Designated Complainer will eat the consequences of any disfavour from above. Worse, if they pipe up and nobody else has their back, it looks as though they are the only one who is upset. This undermines the effectiveness of their complaining and puts them at even greater risk of reprisals.

A couple of suggested strategies:

  • Rotate the complaining duties amongst everyone on the team.
  • Complain in pairs—both for mutual support, and to show that more than one person is having the same problem.
  • If, for whatever reason, the Designated Complainer has to go it alone when making the initial complaint, at the very least make it clear that they are representing you as well.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

It can seem cold, heartless, and selfish to say "fuck this" and drop a project on the floor. But when you are perpetually grappling with a task that is causing you pain, ask yourself: is doing this thing actually your job?

This often shows up as an issue that is your problem because it is causing you grief, but not your responsibility, because you are not the one with the authority to fix it:

  • If you were hired as a Software Developer, it is Not Your Job to unfuck your company's broken product strategy.
  • If you're a Community Manager, getting your CEO to unfuck their broken open source policy is similarly Not Your Job.

You can advocate for these things, or even try to fix them outright if you want to and have the spoons. In a good environment, your efforts will get traction; this kind of thing can even be a growth opportunity. But when things are not so cheerful, you can keep spinning your wheels until you've run yourself well into the ground.

Think realistically about consequences of your actions.

Back in my army days, when someone was stressing out about the possible consequences of a trivial screwup or an act of principled disobedience, they were frequently told

"What're they gonna do, stamp 'NO DESSERT' on your meal card?"

Speaking for myself, I find it easy to freak out about the Horrible Consequences of some act without evaluating what these Horrible Consequences might actually be. While you don't want to be cavalier, you also shouldn't let yourself be held hostage by fear of consequences that are exaggerated or impossible. They can't fire you if you've already quit, they can't force you to work if you're a volunteer, and they can't take away a raise they were never going to give you in the first place. Think carefully about both formal and informal consequences, but don't be hemmed in by fences that weren't even real to begin with.

Don't save the world, just make it better.

Those of us who care deeply and who see all the things that are wrong in the world are oft given over to trying to save the whole world. We feel like a utter failure unless we manage to catch every ball, right every wrong, and save every kitten.

This sort of perfection is literally impossible. It is a one-way superexpress ticket to Burnout Gully, population you.

Instead of taking it upon yourself to save the world, and kicking yourself when you don't succeed at this Sisyphean task, focus on the fact that you are making the world better than it was before. Every helpful thing that you do, no matter how small, wouldn't have happened without you and your hard work. Go you. ♥

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Arrgh! yet again I am literally seven pages from the end of my book and my commute ended before I was able to read them! And I now have way more thoughts I probably won't be able to articulate than I did yesterday about the book. *hands*

Last night, L. and I went out for a spur of the moment dinner at Landmarc since it's right near my office (I was working late), and I had never been there. The burgers and fries were good (though I was hoping for a more shoestring style fry, personally), but the appetizer was excellent - mozzarella and ricotta fritters. I am always up for fried cheese, and this was a particularly good variation on the theme. And we had a really nice bottle of wine - White Haven Sauvignon Blanc. Very citrusy, which I like in my sauv blanc. And not too terribly overpriced, I guess, considering it cost the same as four glasses of sangria would have.

I have two graduation parties this weekend, so I'll be out on the island, and I don't know yet if I'll get to come home Sunday night (unlikely but possible) or if I have to wait for Monday morning. Personally I prefer not to travel on actual holidays, but Easter wasn't terrible on the LIRR, so hopefully the Fourth will be okay too. It's just taking up my whole holiday weekend, which I am of course grumpy about. Sigh.


Marcus and Esca by Sean He (SFW)

Jul. 1st, 2016 01:39 am
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Fandom: The Eagle of the Ninth
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Marcus and Esca
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital painting
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: SeanHe gallery on DA
Why this piece is awesome: Sneaking in one last "Eagle" artwork as it's still June in many places around the globe. This is a great painting of them both, on horseback. I love the light and the storm clouds in the sky, how Marcus is wrapped around Esca, probably keeping each other warm, and how happy they both look. This pic is a reblog on one of Sean He's friend's tumblrs - tried to find it elsewhere, but no luck. Click through a couple of times to see it full size - it's well worth it. Above is a link to SeanHe's gallery on deviantart where there's another nice Marcus & Esca pic in a different style. 
Link: Marcus and Esca

The fun of being semimultilingual

Jun. 29th, 2016 09:06 pm
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I was golding up some Welsh skills, because I'm obsessive this way.

"Dw i'n hoffi coffi" translates to "I like coffee". Word-wise it's basically "Am I liking coffee"

"Dw i'n hoffi coffi da" translates to "I like good coffee," Welsh does adjectives after the noun (so good coffee is "coffi da", literally "coffee good", rather than *da coffi.)

Except my brain wanted to parse it first as "I like coffee, yes", and then as "I like coffee here", before being willing to settle on the correct one. (Russian and German uses of "da", rather than Wrlsh.)

...I keep being tempted to really confuse my brain by double-duoing, but maybe I shouldn't, lol.
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CORDELIA: Bummer for her. It's awful to feel that lonely.
BUFFY: Hmm. So you've read something about the feeling?
CORDELIA: Hey! You think I'm never lonely because I'm so cute and popular? I can be surrounded by people and be completely alone. It's not like any of them really know me. I don't even know if they like me half the time. People just want to be in a popular zone. Sometimes when I talk, everyone's so busy agreeing with me, they don't hear a word I say.
BUFFY: Well, if you feel so alone, then why do you work so hard at being popular?
CORDELIA: Well, it beats being alone all by yourself.

~~Out of Sight, Out of Mind~~

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just keep swimming

Jun. 29th, 2016 06:06 pm
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I am back from OSB, which was magical as always. Got turned on to some new concepts in talks, made productive pilgrimages to Knit Purl and Powell's, and ate so many tasty foods!

The night I got back to town, my mom and I went to see Chris Isaak perform at the Lyric Theatre, which was one of the more entertaining shows I've been to in recent memory. It was my first trip to the Lyric since it reopened, and I was seriously impressed - although there was a tense moment when a smoke machine tripped the fire alarm...

Also saw Finding Dory which was utterly delightful. Again, as with Zootopia, I went with Heather because the kids weren't interested. Connor says he's up for seeing BFG next week, though, which was my FAVORITE Roald Dahl book as a child, probably because it had a female protagonist and played into my idealistic power fantasies. I hope the movie does it justice!

Both kids had their first swimming lessons with their new private instructor the Saturday before I left for Oregon, and after overcoming their initial nervousness seemed to actually enjoy themselves! So we'll be continuing that every Saturday in July, and then probably every other weekend once school starts back in August.

Robby is still tinkering with his car. He replaced one axle while I was gone, but today determined that he needs to replace the opposite axle as well. Once he finally finishes fiddling with the car, he intends to replace the downstairs toilet. His hobbies are much more practical than mine. (I've spent the past month knitting most of a shawl...)

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrived in my mailbox today, so that will take up a lot of my time for the immediate future as well. Connor is having WAY too much fun playing as BB-8. It's awesome.

(no subject)

Jun. 29th, 2016 06:04 pm
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1. So that was A Month And A Half. It was mostly fun, but hopefully I can start getting back into a sort of a routine that involves not being behind on nearly everything. Except that two staff members - 20% of the total staff - are leaving my workplace, so *work* will not be back to routine anytime soon. Sigh. Also I have four con-txt panels to prep for and I want to maybe sell crafts and do some easy cosplays too? We shall see.

2. Part of that Month And A Half is that there are cats here now! I have been trying to post a-cat-a-day at [ profile] thingskittiesdontneed - they are mostly crappy phone shots, but hey, kitties.

3. Also I finished another original story! In very early draft, still haven't revised anything, etc. etc. but now I have finished the three stories I started last year thinking they'd each be a simple 5000 words! This latest one is about librarians who fight evil by increasing access to information, because you should write the stories you want to see in the world, right? It is currently 14,000 words. Out of a planned 5000. (NEVER make a monkey's paw wish that you could write longer stories. just sayin'.)

4. In good news, I am really improving in my cardio workout, who needs Zombies, Run! when you can just turn on NPR for the same effect, amirite.

5. So when I just want to read some nice, comforting slash fic and don't really care what, I turn to Pinboard's popular-with-fandom pages. Not as good as the old popular pages, but serviceable as long as you aren't picky.

Pinboard's page is filtered by people who voluntarily ID as fans, rather than by tag, though, so you often get non-fannish stuff on there. Mostly net-wide-trending longreads and web industry stuff (because pinboard's main demographic is infotech professionals.) Sometimes I skim down the page and get the two kinds of links mixed up, though, so here for your enjoyment are the current non-fic pinboard links that really should be fic:

"On The Moral Economy of Tech"
(probably a Tony Stark story lbr)

"The Reluctant Memoirist"
(Could be any fandom but I'm leaning toward Harry/Draco.)

"Life as a Robot"
(This is probably a hockey AU? I'm honestly surprised there aren't AO3 results for this already.)

(Weeaboo AU, pick your fandom.)

"My Four Months As A Private Prison Guard"
(This is either shameless porn or it's a post-CA:CW longfic...or both)

"Type Anything"
(Could be any fandom really! Probably a juggernaut pairing feelgood AU.)

"Hamburger Menus and Hidden Navigation"
(DEFINITELY road trip fic, not sure what fandom though.)

"MarkSheet: a free HTML and CSS tutorial"
(Old Social Network porn that somehow floated back up to the top.)

"How To Build A Word Counter App"
(Probably dirty talk pwp? Probably PoI?)

"Medium’s team did everything”
(Not actually sure so this is probably a small fandom I've never read before.)

"Getting Started With Raspberry Pi"
(Probably Check Please! Might be about Bitty and the frogs rather than slashfic though.)

"The Feynman Technique"
(IDK, probably scientist slash in some super-geeky SF fandom. Pac Rim? The Martian?)

"how to cheer up a grumpy hedgehog"
(hi there Sherlock fandom it's been awhile)

"How to Steal An Election"
(I think I may be currently writing this fic...)

"Casual Sex: Everyone is Doing It"
(hahah. um. Avengers teamfic, you think? Probably Avengers teamfic, pic your pairings, but definitely a lot of snarky Cap.)

Last Day in Israel

Jun. 29th, 2016 10:32 pm
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We got a bit of a later start this morning as we were allowed to sleep in and only had to be on the bus at 8:45. Even so, we wound up running late and having to shove breakfast in our mouths quickly to get to the bus on time. All I had was a challah roll and some water. Then we were on the road again. We went to a scenic overlook of Jerusalem for a last look at the city. Then we went to a large menorah in a courtyard which if you looked the other direction was across the street from the knesset. Evy really wanted to see the knesset, so that made her happy, but I really didn't see the point of looking at the outside of the building. But anyway. We made our way to a spice market where a vendor let us sample several of his goods. They were all really good, there was a nuts and raisins mix, something spicy, something sweet, nothing familiar. We also had lunch there. Tour guide Hillel, Pam, and I went for some kind of tomato soup with beets and meat dumplings in it. It was served with rice to put in the soup. Interesting. I don't like beets at home, but here and Russia I apparently do. Can't explain that one.

We walked back to the bus, and went back to the hotel to pack. I was quite impressed with myself for fitting everything into the suitcase once again since it was pretty tight getting here, and I've bought some stuff plus all the shirts I brought were folded by the store really tight, and I can't fold them that tight by myself. So I was worried, but I shouldn't have been because everything fit perfectly. There was no room to spare.

We carried our suitcases down to the bus and then sat with other people from our trip for an hour until we all went to a big farewell dinner. I didn't understand that they had prepared a feast for us, and overfilled myself on bread and hummus during the appetizer course. Then there was all the meat and I was like "oh, ugh" I wanted to eat it because it was so good. But I really couldn't. Then we had chocolate cakes and fake ice cream. Then we got back on the bus and said goodbye to those who are staying a few extra days.

Then we were off to Tel Aviv airport. We got here on time for the Tampa group to have their flight, which was an hour before most of my group's flight. And 7 hours before my flight. So you're only allowed into the terminal 3 hours before your flight, which I wasn't expecting. So my congregation went in at 10 and I'm sitting alone until 5am when my flight leaves. Fortunately there's free wifi and a place to plug in outside of the terminal, so I'm able to sit here in these horribly uncomfortable seats and mess around online.
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[2] Brooklyn Nine-Nine
[3] Parks and Recreation
[3] Star Trek: The Next Generation


The rest are HERE.


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