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Fandom: Bandom
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Frank Iero
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: pens & watercolour?
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [deviantart.com profile] drivinghead

Why this piece is awesome: Like the other work of Frank on stage that I recced earlier this month, this one is full of energy. It's less aggressive and more colourful but the feeling of boundless energy and movement is the same. It's the main requirement for depicting Frank performing it seems.

Link: Thank you for the venom
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Fandom: Naruto
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Haruno Sakura/Hyuuga Hinata/Yamanaka Ino
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: NA
Artist Website/Gallery: [tumblr.com profile] crwnart is their art blog, but as far as I can tell they don't post everything there. [tumblr.com profile] crwnly is their main blog - technically their art tag is mallomart and their sketch tag is doddles, but again, they don't seem to actually post all their art to those tags.
Why this piece is awesome: I love the soft colours combined with the confident poses and expressions of the girls. Plus I'm a great fan of selfie art!
Link: Girls Rule (if that link breaks I have also reblogged it here.)

The Perennial Miss Wildthyme

Apr. 25th, 2015 04:22 pm
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Mirrored from Twisting Vines.

Now available for pre-order from Obverse Books: The Perennial Miss Wildthyme, featuring Iris Wildthyme, and a story from me. It’ll be out this autumn, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading the rest of the stories.

The cover, by Paul Hanley

The cover, by Paul Hanley

(Should you feel unable to wait for your Iris fix, Iris Wildthyme of Mars, in which I also have a story, is available right now.)

Hanoverian London

Apr. 25th, 2015 10:09 am
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I recently read a Marxist history of the city by George Rudé
to help me understand why so many English decided to leave

for New Zealand, among other places. I can see why now, and
with compassion. The historian says there aren't many histories

of faces in the crowd. He talked about mistreatment of
minority believers, gin's evils, class differences, diseases -

all before the Victorians' great reforms when our people were
taken into the British family of nations to be kept as children.

It's an old story of course retold by many such as Lemony Snicket
in his recently completed A Series of Unfortunate Events.

-- Robert Sullivan

what temptation lies in large spaces

Apr. 25th, 2015 09:36 am
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RANGERS WIN! THE RANGERS WIN! Man that was tense. When it went to overtime, I was like, guys, don't you know I have cupcakes to bake!? And then Hagelin scored and it was good. So, so good. *happy sigh* Now they can rest for a few days, and hopefully Zuccarello will be all right. Hopefully they will do more scoring in the next round (Fleury was unbelievably good), so I don't have to start drinking heavily to make it through the games.

There's only one downside to advancing - well, aside from being enemies with [tumblr.com profile] zambonirider if they play the Caps in the second round - from here on out we're stuck with Pierre McGuire. Blergh.

Anyway, after that glorious series win, I ended up making black bottom cupcakes, though I guess I filled the cups too much because the cheesecake filling took over the tops completely. They smell really good, though.

Today's poem:

Collection in a Studio Apartment
by Heather Styka

Sometimes I buy boxes
before knowing what
I might put inside
them. And then I have
a box to fill, black
cardboard with metal trim,
wicker, mahogany,
compartments, lids.
So many things can fill
a box: sea shells, matchbooks,
photos of Rome, plastic spoons,
tea bags. Or sometimes I buy
things to put inside, the way
one fills a bookshelf, each shelf
until enough books are
packed snugly like faces
in a queue of people.
When I'm alone on
a Sunday afternoon,
I rearrange according
to author, genre, color,
trying to avoid the inevitable
gap, three books short
of a full shelf. Rooms
desire to be filled until
they shout for more space.
And then one must
decide what is worth
keeping – will I use
that vase, those candles,
paperweights and letters?
And if one cannot part
with property, rooms
will be abandoned for larger
rooms, fresh and empty
like hotel drawers filled with nothing
but a notepad and a Gideon bible.
What temptation lies in large spaces,
barren closets, clear plastic boxes,
each like an open hand before
a covenant, each bin promising to hold
what I cannot throw out
but would rather not see.

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Accident, Mass. Ave.

Jill McDonough

I stopped at a red light on Mass. Ave.
in Boston, a couple blocks away
from the bridge, and a woman in a beat-up
old Buick backed into me. Like, cranked her wheel,
rammed right into my side. I drove a Chevy
pickup truck. It being Boston, I got out
of the car yelling, swearing at this woman,
a little woman, whose first language was not English.
But she lived and drove in Boston, too, so she knew,
we both knew, that the thing to do
is get out of the car, slam the door
as hard as you fucking can and yell things like What the fuck
were you thinking? You fucking blind? What the fuck
is going on? Jesus Christ!
So we swore
at each other with perfect posture, unnaturally angled
chins. I threw my arms around, sudden
jerking motions with my whole arms, the backs
of my hands toward where she had hit my truck.

But she hadn’t hit my truck. She hit
the tire; no damage done. Her car
was fine, too. We saw this while
we were yelling, and then we were stuck.
The next line in our little drama should have been
Look at this fucking dent! I’m not paying for this
shit. I’m calling the cops, lady.
Maybe we’d throw in a
You’re in big trouble, sister, or I just hope for your sake
there’s nothing wrong with my fucking suspension
, that
sort of thing. But there was no fucking dent. There
was nothing else for us to do. So I
stopped yelling, and she looked at the tire she’d
backed into, her little eyebrows pursed
and worried. She was clearly in the wrong, I was enormous,
and I’d been acting as if I’d like to hit her. So I said

Well, there’s nothing wrong with my car, nothing wrong
with your car … are you OK?
She nodded, and started
to cry, so I put my arms around her and I held her, middle
of the street, Mass. Ave., Boston, a couple blocks from the bridge.
I hugged her, and I said We were scared, weren’t we?
and she nodded and we laughed.

On this day in:

2014: This Hour and What Is Dead, Li-Young Lee
2013: To Myself, Franz Wright
2012: Manet’s Olympia, Margaret Atwood
2011: Three Rivers, Alpay Ulku
2010: Ode to Hangover, Dean Young
2009: We become new, Marge Piercy
2008: The Only Animal, Franz Wright
2007: Dream Song 385, John Berryman
2006: The Quiet World, Jeffrey McDaniel
2005: Man and Wife, Robert Lowell

sincere: Bleach: Princess Orihime defends her fallen dragon (save the dragon ;;)
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I created this community for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw because this is something I'm becoming passionate about and there isn't really a community where these things can be discussed anymore...

[community profile] daily_liberal

This is a community to share and discuss current events, especially in the political sphere. The goal is to post a news article that is important, informative, and/or entertaining, with community members encouraged to discuss it. A liberal, progressive slant is part of this community's ideology; this is intended to be a safe space for liberals to talk about the issues amongst each other.

I do post every day [when I remember] but all members are welcome to post and commentary and conversation is encouraged.
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via http://ift.tt/1HB6kpp at April 25, 2015 at 03:00AM:

Escalante National Park, Utah by Quynh Ton
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Despite it having been timechange weekend, I had got to bed early, and then woke up disgustingly early, fully perky and ready to get things done. I had a leisurely morning where I did not feel obligated to do any of the things, just get dressed and pack. It was fortunate that I'd woken early, as all of my alarms were set to only go off when I'm at home, and be silent when I'm elsewhere (like at work, but also at hotel). I hauled my stuff downstairs, checked out, and then realized that the valet queue was ridiculous. I promptly found a chair, parked my bags, and joined lobbycon.

I got a chance to chat with Wendy; that was nice.

I saw [livejournal.com profile] ckd; the name on the badge didn't mean much to me, but the blue shark picture did. "Oh!" I said. I know that shark! You are a helpful person who I have known in passing for years! So that was nice. He passed along greetings on behalf of [personal profile] aedifica as well.

Having seen him sillydrunk and being a fucking perfect unicorn the night before, it was no surprise that Naamen was gloriously hung-over.

The next little circle over was having a fascinating conversation about Supernatural. I had thoughts and feelings. It was thus that I met [twitter.com profile] geardrops and [twitter.com profile] doriangrayscale.

For the record, my feelings about Supernatural season 5 episode 22 are as follows:

I was recommended "I Feel Better", by Hot Chip, which is … a bit surreal. I think this was around when lunch arrived, because Carrie had fries, and they were very very hot. There was basically nothing vegan on the menu, which is unfortunate.

Seanan had been Out of Town, but made an appearance for Lobbycon, in all her mantis shrimp rainbow hair glory. It was very good to see her!

We got around to exchanging twitter handles, and mentioned our strategies for dealing with some of the low-content sorts of people who seem to exist to recycle the same five links every three hours on Twitter. I was abruptly reminded of something I'd seen during an [off-topic] discussion of home automation.

"They're -- tweeting like a lightbulb," I said in disgust, and then had to explain.

Emma and Cynthia came back through, and that was great. Topics included Janelle Monae (yay afrofuturist art) and so many books and shiny things. There is a tool that will let you know when bands you like are going to be local to you, but I am not sure where to find it. I need to check out http://www.elizabethwein.com/sunbird . I did not know that Ellen Kushner had written not just one but several Choose Your Own Adventure books: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_Kushner#Choose_Your_Own_Adventure_books

At some point after the valet line had cleared out, I retrieved Vash to load most of the heavy things.

Shweta and husband re-appeared also, and I went fishing for mippos with my party cane. (I have a cane with a rainbow tie-dye scarf attached to the front, and I had added a little book of paper for the con.)

Eventually it came time for the wrap party. That included some review of what had gone well, and who needed to either be sat down with a sock in his mouth or shown the door.

So there was a panel (which I didn't wind up going to, but sounded very interesting if I'd actually been making it to any panels) about how Whitey Brings Civilization is a toxic meme in general, and maybe when we're writing we might not want to do that thing.

So Whitey McMansplain in the audience stood up and started talking, apparently. Read more... )

Eventually the wrap party too was wrapped. Wendy and some guy who also had some muscles carried some soda down for me, as I was willing to take some home, but was sort of limited in what I was willing to carry at once. We loaded it up into my car. The valet dude on duty observed that the car sort of felt like he was going to die when starting. This was a Known Problem.

I headed home, not being quite up for Dinner With People after such a delightfully social weekend. This is such a lovely fun con, and I'm planning to return next year.

I curled up in bed early (for me). Before I fell asleep, I remembered that Aahz had been wearing an "I Break Rule 6" button, so I googled the phrase to see if I could find out the backstory. The backstory is amazing: http://rule6.info/timecon.html

My unexpected early rising schedule would continue for some time yet.
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via http://ift.tt/1DJlzFm at April 25, 2015 at 02:00AM:


if steve has to die in civil war the only way i’ll accept it is if his death scene is gay and cliche af. he lies dying in bucky’s arms. bucky says something about how he can’t die he just got him back!! there’s some symbolic thing of steve giving bucky the shield as a prelude to buckycap. there’s forehead touching. seb stan does the thing where he cries while looking really hot and really gay. they either cut out all the sound or play some slow depressing music in the background. a montage of people looking sad follows. natasha beats up a punching bag. sam’s running shoes lay neglected in a corner. bucky drinks himself unconscious in a seedy bar. tony does the same but in his penthouse. everyone contemplates the meaning of the death and the universe.

i fucked up i’m sad now and I did not think this through well at all fuck me

That went very Soviet Russian toward the end. Needs more snow and poverty though.

Friday April 24

Apr. 25th, 2015 01:16 am
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SPIKE: There's thousands of different kinds of hells. You got your fire hell, your ice hell... your... ice hell. Your upside-down hell.
ANGEL: I don't care if he's in toy poodles on parade hell. He's got information that we need.
SPIKE: According to the girl whose only reason for being is to see her little pookie bear again.
EVE: I'm not lying. (to Lorne) Well, tell him I'm not lying.
LORNE: No one can fake it through the piña colada song. Not once the chorus kicks in.
ANGEL: If Lindsey can tell me what the senior partners have planned, I want him. You got a better idea how to do it, I'm totally open.
SPIKE: Didn't say that. Just pointed out that this one sucks. We're looking for a hell dimension in a haystack. How are we supposed to know—
GUNN: I know. And I can get us in.


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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Parked next to an old-timer today. (Columbia Roadster, held together with spit and duct tape.)

daily gratitudes

Apr. 24th, 2015 09:56 am
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  1. I work for an employer that has actual retirement benefits
  2. made it to the HR information session only half an hour late despite oversleeping
  3. tea, English Breakfast, hot
  4. warm kitten purring on my lap
  5. my old favorite recipe blog Tigers & Strawberries, now sadly defunct but still extant and delicious
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Dreaming at the Ballet
Jack Gilbert

The truth is, goddesses are lousy in bed.
They will do anything it’s true.
And the skin is beautifully cared for.
But they have no sense of it. They are
all manner and amazing technique.
I lie with them thinking of your
foolish excess, of you panting
and sweating, and your eyes after.

On this day in:

2014: Vocation, Sandra Beasley
2013: Near the Race Track, Brigit Peegen Kelly
2012: from Ask Him, Raymond Carver
2011: Sweet Star Chisel, Dearest Flaming Crumbs in Your Beard Lord, John Rybicki
2010: Rain Travel, W.S. Merwin
2009: Goodnight, Li-Young Lee
2008: Bearhug, Michael Ondaatje
2007: Meditation at Lagunitas, Robert Hass
2006: Autumn, Rainer Maria Rilke
2005: On Turning Ten, Billy Collins

OTW Fannews: Judging Women's Fandoms

Apr. 24th, 2015 02:54 pm
otw_staff: Kelly. OTW Communications Staffer (Kelly. OTW Communications Staffer)
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If you couldn’t hear the sound of the screams, would you judge them in the same way? Not in the media: http://bit.ly/1PvMQ6A
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Today is my dad's 80th birthday! He says he's feeling good, so we're all thankful for that. We're taking him out to dinner tomorrow (and my brother ordered a rum-soaked cassata for the cake afterwards), but I'm still trying to figure out what to bake for him. I'm thinking chocolate, maybe cupcakes, maybe brownies? but I could be convinced of other things...

Here are the recipes I'm thinking of:

Poll #16640 you say it's your birthday
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 26

I'm also interested in suggestions of things you've successfully made and enjoyed. Just remember that I will have to carry it on an hour-long train ride, but it's not supposed to be warm tomorrow (sigh) so it shouldn't be too terrible to schlep. And it probably shouldn't be too complicated, since I'll most likely be distracted by the Rangers game. *deep breaths*

Also, if you've read The Raven Boys, you know today is St. Mark's Eve. I'd hoped to have [personal profile] mousapelli's birthday story done by now (only a week late!) but boys are dumb and now there's this whole other thing, because Ronan, and I don't. But maybe soon? I hope.

In other sports news, ELEVEN IN A ROW. BARTOLO COLON'S DELIGHTFULLY NIMBLE UNASSISTED PICKOFF. BRING ON THE YANKEES. I know it's way too early to get excited, but if you understood how depressing the Mets have been for the last seven or eight years, you'd get why it's so exciting that they're doing so well now, even with Wright and d'Arnaud injured and Zack Wheeler gone for season. There's a reason my tag for them is "the existential futility of being a Mets fan." ("Delightfully nimble" is my new tag for Colon/the Mets. If you aren't enjoying the sight of a heavy 41-year-old dude picking a dude off and then tagging him out on his own, I don't even know what to tell you.)

I enjoyed the B-plot of last night's Elementary and wish it had been the A-plot, which was a bit too nasty to enjoy, imo. I wish the show would occasionally throw in a crime that isn't murder. Also, once I saw the guest star's name, there was no suspense. *hands* But I'm still enjoying the show though I haven't been talking about it much.

Anyway, here's today poem:

In Shakespeare

In Shakespeare a lover turns into an ass
as you would expect. People confuse
their consciences with ghosts and witches.
Old men throw everything away
because they panic and can't feel their lives.
They pinch themselves, pierce themselves with twigs,
cliffs, lightning, and die—yes, finally—in glad pain.

You marry a woman you've never talked to,
a woman you thought was a boy.
Sixteen years go by as a curtain billows
once, twice. Your children are lost,
they come back, you don't remember how.
A love turns to a statue in a dress, the statue
comes back to life. Oh God, it's all so realistic
I can't stand it. Whereat I weep and sing.

Such a relief, to burst from the theatre
into our cool, imaginary streets
where we know who's who and what's what,
and command with Metrocards our destinations.
Where no one with a story struggling in him
convulses as it eats its way out,
and no one in an antiseptic corridor,
or in deserts or in downtown darkling plains,
staggers through an Act that just will not end,
eyes burning with the burning of the dead.

~James Richardson


(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2015 03:57 pm
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1. There is a blackbird nesting directly above our front door.

2. I was sufficiently sad on my way back from this afternoon's errands that I ended up buying a pair of sparkly metallic blue skinny jeans from a charity shop on my way home. It has a terrible blue faux-rhinestone button.

3. I have achieved food by dint of stopping off at a food market in the William Morris Square in Hammersmith. It was just closing up and apparently I looked sufficiently smallsad that aunty decided the correct response was two of onion bhaji. Consequently I have also taken some painkillers.

4. Sent scary e-mail #1 pulling out of teaching on Monday.

5. Sent scary e-mail #2 requesting some more bloody paperwork for the council.

6. E-mailed my supervisor a status update.

7. Booked an in-person GP appointment (it is not for a fortnight but I cannot in point of fact bring myself to care).

8. Printed out train tickets for this weekend.

9. Printed out some more benefits-related paperwork.

10. Washed and clothesed and spent some time outside.


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