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Oct. 24th, 2016 06:29 am
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This is how I usually do NaNoWriMo: spend all of October plotting and worldbuilding, start strong, and then inevitably change projects one week into November. I’ve done this at least six times, with varying degrees of success. 

This year I am not thinking much about it. I am not planning. I’m in a group for bullet journalers doing NaNo but I haven’t made a layout or even outlined ideas in my notebook. It’s a little bit terrifying. 

To keep myself from moving on from Hekate before my time is up, I’m not letting myself do much specific preparation for the King’s Ride. I don’t want to fail Hekate this close to the end of my obligation. I also want to stay open to possibilities with the Ride, and not impose a lot of my baggage onto it before I even get there. 

I found a Tumblr collecting folks who are writing non-fiction for November and that had an appeal. I’m not any good at restricting myself to either fiction or non instead of that middle ground, but having both options in the back of my head seems useful. 

The goal is only to keep going forward. I’ll figure out what the path looks like when I get there. 

Who else is writing in November? I do better with accountability! 

from WordPress http://ift.tt/2dBUjmB

Postmodern Jukebox

Oct. 23rd, 2016 11:42 pm
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Postmodern Jukebox is a rotating collaboration of various musicians and vocalists performing retro versions of assorted popular songs, as arranged by the group's founder, Scott Bradlee. They have several charming performance videos on YouTube, and I believe most of their music is available on iTunes.

I first discovered their music a couple of years ago after an American Idol contestant performed one of their arrangements. I later found out that several Idol alums have worked with the group, including one of our family favorites, Casey Abrams. I was thrilled that Casey was one of the vocalists who appeared at our concert! The other singers we saw were Aubrey Logan, Ariana Savalas, Maiya Sykes, Sara Niemietz, and Mykal Kilgore. The fabulous tap dancer Sarah Reich also performed.

Here are my notes on the set list for the October 22nd show, and associated vocalists as best as I can recall. I think that at least two other songs also had tap dancing, but now I can't remember which ones.

Set list (with YouTube links)... )

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Oct. 23rd, 2016 11:05 pm
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Why am I like this? I was at the office about seven hours doing 3-4 hours' worlht of work. Just Twitter and news articles. Well, I ate a bit, too. But, god, I would like to focus better, just do my work and go home, but I can't quite work out how.
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In 'What's The Point of LGBT Literature?' for University Times, Lauren Guy wrote Though our society is growing ever more liberal, with Tumblr pages dedicated to Sherlock fanfiction and representations of queer communities now becoming mainstream, being an out member of the LGBT community is a long way away from a safe position to hold.

In a review of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Ithican’s Jake Leary wrote It seems as though screenwriter Jane Goldman is writing a tedious X-Men fan fiction, which isn’t surprising considering her previous work includes the vastly superior “X-Men: First Class” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

Manila Bulletin’s Angelo G. Garcia profiled Anna Todd, Fan fiction writer turned published author [who] shares how her love for books and boy bands started her career in publishing.

Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, Chris Colfer, Bob Dylan, Star Trek, Black Mirror, gender-flipping ACD, Mighty Boosh, Tim Burton )

Christian Science Monitor’s Zhai Yun Tan wrote that Copyright issues over famous film franchises can be a touchy issue, especially when increasingly large-production fan fiction intersects with studio-produced blockbusters.

For Teen Vogue, Lauren Duca wrote that Less than half of this country is being provided with adequate sex ed, and more than half of them are exposed to a mix of facts and biological fan fiction.

In 'Twitter has a negative vibe and a nebulous purpose - no wonder nobody wants to buy it' for The Telegraph, James Quinn wrote It has also enhanced our awareness of the banal. From the dissemination of some questionable fan fiction surrounding a fictitious love affair between two of the members of One Direction to endless Gifs (that’s a hard G, for those not in the know) of Ed Balls’ dancing the Paso Doble dressed as a medieval knight, Twitter comes into its own when it is able to pass comment on the simply bizarre.

From David Kluft on JD Supra: 10 Copyright Cases Every Fan Fiction Writer Should Know About.

From Bilge Ebiri in LA Weekly: Lesbian Pickpocket Fan-Fic: Park Chan-wook on His Lush Adaptation The Handmaiden.

Finally, in a piece for Press Herald, Michael Berry reported that short story author Charlie Jane Anders referred to her adaptation of "The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage" as basically 'Adventure Time' fanfic.
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Yesterday was nonstop. Up at eight to go see the Texas A&M marching band practice, home at eleven to start baking cupcakes for the church festival cakewalk, while Will worked on decorations for the Go Fish game booth. Everything was finished barely in time to get to the festival for setup at 3:45. Left at six to pick up H&P and get downtown for an eight o'clock concert. Postmodern Jukebox was fabulous. We didn't get home until midnight. Had to go to church this morning as usual, then meet my mom to pick up the kids. A good time was had by all, but I definitely wore myself out.

I'm taking a break this afternoon to watch the Patriots for the first time in a month, and to try to catch up on the Auburn game I had to miss yesterday. Later I'll need to help Connor with a homework project and catch up on my email and Twitter. Tomorrow I'll be busy all day again. I need to leave the house right after breakfast in order to deal with rush hour traffic, trying to get to my mom's house and then get her to the hospital for her tests. Presumably I will get home just in time to help the kids with their homework, eat dinner, and go to choir rehearsal. We don't get next week off choir for Halloween, either, although since the boys don't want to go trick-or-treating this year, I guess I won't miss much.

We do have tickets to the symphony's Halloween concert next Friday night, which should be a lot of fun. Looking ahead into November, there are movies coming out each weekend that I want to see: Doctor Strange, Arrival, Fantastic Beasts, and Moana. Still not sure if we're staying in town for Thanksgiving - that decision may ultimately depend on tomorrow's test results.

Festivids 2016 sign ups are open!

Oct. 23rd, 2016 07:34 pm
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In case you missed it, the sign up period for Festivids 2016 is currently open!  Sign ups will close on Tuesday 25th October (12 noon EST).

Festivids is an annual small-fandoms vid exchange inspired by the Yuletide fic exchange, sort of like a vidding Secret Santa.  If you're interested in having a go, all the information you need is in the FAQ - but feel free to comment here if you have any questions, or email the mods at festivids at gmail dot com.

Small wins

Oct. 23rd, 2016 06:33 pm
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I have tennis elbow (self diagnosed, as there's no way I'm likely to get an appointment with the GP any time before my arm falls off).  As this is my drinking arm and I've just started my black belt classes, I'm trying to avoid doing anything "unnecessary" - which includes large quantities of housework or gardening.  Last week, mopping Ma's kitchen and bathroom floors had me in agony for most of the day.

Today's bitesizing included 
- taking a couple of bags of garden waste, the old bath shelf and a very old venetian blind to the tip
- putting away a load of clothes/bedding/towels that have been hanging on a clothes airer for "some" time
- putting away the clothes airer so that I can actually get to the bedroom window
- clearing out and holding a funeral for the dead veg from the bottom of the fridge
- rearranging the freezer to make room for the shopping
- looking for new futon mattresses - I only didn't order one because I need to arrange a delivery date
- de-cobwebbing the kitchen and living room
- deep cleaning the coffee machine
- arranging a heating repair visit

It's not much, but every little helps.
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Firefly is on Netflix now, so I was watching it, since I haven't in a few years, and aside from the known issues with cultural appropriation and lack of Chinese people in the main ensemble, it mostly holds up. Jayne is pretty repugnant so I don't have a real problem watching Adam Baldwin in the role, if that makes sense. Mal's treatment of Inara is still the worst, though, and that is why I can never get behind that as a functional ship. I feel like I say this about a lot of media, but ladies, a piece of advice: if a man calls you a whore, you should walk away. (I mean, even if you are actually a sex worker, there's still no reason to put up with that.)

Then [tumblr.com profile] angelgazing texted me to ask what it means if someone says the Rangers are Rangering, and I was like, "oh dear, it doesn't mean anything good." So I put the game on and they were losing, but about fifteen seconds later, they scored, and then they won, so clearly my watching was the deciding factor.

So when that was over, I put on the NLCS, and wow, the Cubs! Truly these are the end times! Though I can't really take credit for that, since they were winning 4-0 at the time I turned the game on. Though perhaps I kept a historic collapse from happening. *hands* I'll be rooting for them in the Series, though either team winning would be hilariously apt for this weird, weird year.

I also watched Star Wars Rebels: The Last Battle. spoilers )

I also did some writing yesterday, but why is it so easy when I'm lying in bed thinking about what should happen next, and so hard when I'm sitting with my laptop trying to write? Bah. I do not approve.

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Willow: (smiling) I'm giddy.
Oz: Oh, I like you giddy. Always have.
Willow: It's the freedom! As Seniors, we can go off-campus now for lunch. It's no longer cutting. It's legal! Heck, it's expected! Wow, it's, uh, also a big step forward, a Senior moment, one that has to be savored.
~~Faith, Hope, & Trick~~

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Fandom: American Horror Story, American Horror Story-Asylm
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Sister Mary Eunice
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: traditional
Artist on DW/LJ:n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: DA
Why this piece is awesome: I love the inkwork here -- it manages to feel both loose and sketcy and completely finished at the same time, and I really like the way the artist integrates the toned paper into the lettering. It's a nice touch combining the bleeding/white nun of the ads with this character.
Link: AHS-Asylum

Wolf At The Door (Person of Interest)

Oct. 23rd, 2016 12:51 am
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Title: Wolf At The Door
Fandom: Person of Interest (S1-S5)
MusicA Wolf At The Door  by Radiohead
Length: 3:25
Characters: Team Samaritan, Team Machine
Summary: I have feels about misunderstood ASIs, yo, and monsters made, not born. 
Content Notes: Major Character Death, Dark

DW Vimeo - password: wolf

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Oct. 23rd, 2016 01:39 am
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354 | star trek beyond

183 + 171 icons @ [community profile] insomniatic.

Song of Gondor by Norloth (SFW)

Oct. 22nd, 2016 08:07 pm
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Fandom: Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings)
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: montage illustrating Aragorn's song to Gondor
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [deviantart.com profile] norloth / Norloth Art

Why this piece is awesome: The poetry is such an integral part of the book I'm a little suprised there seem to be so little fanart inspired by it. I love the way this particular work combines the text of the poem with the illustration of it. It reminds me a little of mediaeval illuminated manuscripts but also of leaded glass windows. Such lovely lines and colours.

Link: Song of Gondor

Creamy mushroom and spinach pasta

Oct. 22nd, 2016 07:32 pm
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Oh my, why have I never thought to put sage in pasta sauce before? So good. This is adapted from Budget Bytes' mushroom herb pasta.

Diet and accessibility notes )

What you need and what you do with it )


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