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GILES: What do you want?
ANGELUS: I want to torture you. I used to love it, and it's been a long time. I mean, the last time I tortured someone they didn't even have chainsaws.

~~Becoming, Part Two~~

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One member of my ladylike critique group submitted a good, solid kidnapping scene for our review this week, but it wasn't as exciting as it should have been.

Thanks to the Global Story Goggles I've been learning to use, I was able to see what was wrong and give a brilliant-if-I-do-say-so structural edit, to which everyone--including the author--went "Ooooh!"

Little boats )

fear of should

Sep. 2nd, 2015 06:14 pm
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1. I hit level 50 and got Beastmaster and have now rejiggered my Habitica/HabitRPG lists to make it harder. Hopefully not harder to get stuff done, but to make the game harder. Part of that was because the kitties are leaving on Friday so all the "keep kitties happy" dailies on the list went away. ;_; Sister is also leaving friday but eh, she is not a kitty.

Anyway it was mostly turning habits into dailies, we'll see if I am crushed under this. Also, "mess around with HabitRPG items" is now a reward I have to pay for with gold. Because there's only so many times to stare at my collection of pixel creatures before it is procrastination for its own sake.

2. One of the new dailies is "comment on a fanwork" which is going to be REALLY HARD, folks, ugh, commenting, so many ways it can go wrong, so perfectly designed to freeze me up. But! various people are talking about an informal commenting bingo challenge, so I am going to do it! Or fail trying! So if I leave a weird awkward comment on your stuff in the next couple weeks, sorry, I am doing my best.

Here is the card I made myself )

here is the custom list I used, formatted for the generator )

Regrets, I have a few....

Sep. 2nd, 2015 05:17 pm
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It was asked:

If you could go back and change anything, what would you change?


Ask me anything!

Sep. 2nd, 2015 03:51 pm
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I am Rachel Brodie, former head of Albion MLE, Order of the Phoenix member, Dogstar member, and general troublemaker. Ask me anything!

Several of my old Aurors promised to come by and answer questions as well -- Ron Weasley, Hydra Finch-Fletchley, Draco Malfoy, Jason Montague -- and they can answer questions, too. And hey, some of our old friends promised to read along so WHO KNOWS what sorts of questions you might be able to get answered (ALICE) (#nopromises)

(If you have questions about the Battle of Penzance, which ended the Albion wizarding war 17 years ago this week, you'll want to ask someone other than me -- I was badly injured the night before it happened, and sat that battle out. But Lee Jordan talked me into this, he seemed to think people would have some questions.)

I actually have to step out for a bit but I promise I'll come back and answer questions later.
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Aliethen asked:

With the cast list coming out, it was revealed that a lot of characters who played opposite each other in storylines were in fact played by the same person. How did you balance that? Was it ever hard?

I felt that deserved its own thread. Discuss!
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Aliethen asked:
Can you give us a sense of (a few of the) plots which were surprises but worked really well in the end? For example I always had the impression that Terry/Hermione was supposed to be endgame at first but Draco/Hermione ended up evolving organically...was I right? (Was it even known at first that Draco would be in the Order in the end?) Did you always know Harry and Neville would die?

I felt like that sort of thing deserves its own thread, so here. Discuss!
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So I just clicked over to Jeremy's goofing up the private message on an Order Only post, and reading through it reminded me how very many things get done at once in a lot of Alternity posts. (I know I'm talking about my own character, but it happens in every character's timeline.) In this one post, early in Jeremy's played time, there's:

* foreshadowing for the working relationship Bill and Jeremy have (which will eventually lead to Jeremy asking Bill to be best man when Jeremy and Maureen finally wed)
* an example of how the ISS group pools info to figure out what the grownups are not telling them
* Kingsley's guidance, and why he is so very much missed
* Sally-Anne, Pansy and Ron talking over interpersonal dynamics with an eye to future trouble and calculating the risk thereof
* Jeremy demonstrating his unexamined cluelessness about emotional impact by using the word squib as a self-putdown -- in front of Alice, while everyone is waiting to see if Frank has lost his magic for good. (This cluelessness about emotional impact will flower when he offers Hermione Teddy Nott's wand as a trophy and working tool.)
* showing how Remus/Sirius/Alice/Molly look after one another in times of stress and worry
* good early example of how Sally-Anne and Jeremy chat and banter (Sally-Anne telling him " I just lack the commitment to science and data-gathering that some Ravenclaws have, which is probably why the Hat put me in Slytherin.")

... and probably more. One of the things I love about Alternity is how interwoven all the pieces wound up being, and how not only the playing advanced the narrative, but how many directions it so often advanced the narrative at once.

Got any examples of fractal posts that you liked a lot? Pivotal ones? Or just things where the interplay and worldbuilding delighted you?

From the XKCD survey:

Sep. 2nd, 2015 11:04 am
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When you think about stuff on the internet, where do you picture it being physically located? Even if you know it's not really how things work, is there a place you imagine websites and social media posts sitting before you look at them? If so, where is it?

A heavily air conditioned white room with large racks of equipment and a zillion cables and blinking lights. Some of the equipment is running programs that have been touched by people I know. The room is in a building that has one or two pieces of large construction equipment digging outside, ready to take down both of the redundant connections to the rest of the internet. There is an angry man with no cranial hair and a lot of tattoos with a mallet in a control booth, berating and occasionally beating people who interfere with those connections.

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Fandom: Narnia
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Digory Kirke & Polly Plummer in the Wood Between the Worlds
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [deviantart.com profile] irete

Why this piece is awesome: Just like last month I'm starting with a picture of the Wood Between the Worlds. It seems to be one of the most beloved scenes for fanartists to work with and you can find an almost infinite variety of styles and moods.

This one is particularly lovely and has a very mysterious feel to it. The stars glimmering in the pools and the darkness among the trees makes it feel like nighttime, while the light streaming down through the canopy and striking the characters has the quality of sunlight.

Link: The wood between the worlds

Contribute to FanWorks Taught Me

Sep. 2nd, 2015 09:44 am
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Join the OTW in celebrating your fandom with #FanWorksTaughtMe. http://bit.ly/1JywyFI

Reading Wednesday

Sep. 2nd, 2015 05:44 pm
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Recently read: The examined life: how we lose and find ourselves by Stephen Grosz. (c) Stephen Grosz 2013; Pub Random House Vintage 2014; ISBN 978-0-099-54903-1. This is a book of vignettes from Grosz' practice as a psychoanalyst, lent to me by [personal profile] angelofthenorth.

reviews, including glancing mentions of genocide )

The last two weeks have been a roller coaster, I've had loads of fun including a couple of long weekend breaks, and also quite a lot of stress both work and personal, and all that adds up to never getting time for DW. I feel a bit deprived that I'm only managing to talk about books here, I have lots of thoughts and lots of articles I want to link to and I miss all of you. But anyway, talking about books is a start.

Ask Us Anything!

Sep. 2nd, 2015 12:17 pm
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The cast thread is filling up rapidly, and while we don't have to fuss about comment collapse, it is getting difficult to navigate...

So here's a new post, where we're asking YOU to ask US: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?


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