even my bucket got fixed!

Oct. 31st, 2014 12:38 pm
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My Mando kit is ready for Halloween, if not ready for any kind of serious trooping. I have all my body plates (chest, gut, pauldrons, collar) on my vest and attached with magnets. I had no idea hand sewing through pleather was as difficult as it was. I hate that fact that if you mess up, it shows the holes. But it's a Mar'yce prototype, so I will rejoice and be happy that I have a vest that fits me. I need to get to the Tractor Supply and get some thin aluminium sheets and make my knees and thigh plates as well as some glove plates and boot plates. That's six plates I need to make. I think I'll be picking up some tin snips as well, because I don't think the Dremel will like cutting through that too much. Brent fixed my helmet with some epoxy, so I think it'll hold together for tonight. I hope so. I'm going to wear my not quite broken in Docs for this which I may regret tomorrow. They keep beating the backs of my heels into pulp.

Speaking of heels, I turned a heel on a sock! Linda's sock now has a heel. It has a gusset and a short row heel. I have to finish up the last part of the heel turning and then it's on to the cuff. That'll be a bit of knitting and I have to remember to end the cuff with a bit of ribbing so it's not all one bind off, it's got a stretch to it. Ugh, ribbing. I picked up The Knitter's Companion by Interweave Knits. Such a helpful little book. I haven't looked at the DVD yet, but the diagrams! They're so clear and easy to understand. My mother-in-law was surprised that I didn't have the book - I guess because every time she'd come over, I had checked the book out from the library. Hm! I had her sit with me when I had to figure out short rows and her explanation helped, but doing it with someone who knew how to do it and could say, 'Wait, you forgot to wrap' helped more. Now I think I get it. Row counters are SO HELPFUL. So are stitch markers; they tell you which needle is needle one. :D

You know what's odd? My spam. It's, say, 80% home improvement type of stuff. New windows, solar panels, weather tight doors. The rest of it is the typical spam stuff - hair restoration, male enlargement, that sort of thing. Why is most of my spam home improvement stuff? Dunno, but it'd be interesting to find out.

I bet the rest of this day draaaags by. I hope it doesn't, because I'm ready to go to Baton Rouge and see Linda and her crew and do some candy giving out!

I blink and the week is over.

Oct. 31st, 2014 12:27 pm
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Connor's last minute Emmet costume came out reasonably well, although I did the stripes with foil tape and I don't think they'll hold up past the end of the day.

When I wasn't sewing or reading or watching baseball this week, I was playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, which I found at the library. I enjoyed the exploration and puzzle-solving aspect of it, but after trying and failing about 10 times to defeat a particular dungeon boss, I'm giving up and sending it back unfinished.

I also got to go to the zoo yesterday with Will's class. It was a nice day, but I was completely exhausted by the end of it.

Heather is out of town this weekend for a college reunion, so I'm on call for dog walking duty until Tuesday or so.

Boys in Chains/AO3 Consensual Kink

Oct. 31st, 2014 10:07 am
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logo with the words 'Boys in Chains' and 'the slave!fic archive'

Open Doors will be importing the Boys in Chains archive to #AO3-if you contributed fanworks to it, here's info you'll need.
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All The Angels and The Saints by [archiveofourown.org profile] Speranza
Steve and God (and Bucky) throughout his life. really well done on the historical details and Steve's progressivism.

Color Theory by [archiveofourown.org profile] gwyneth
Lush, hot story full of Bucky pining stoically until he doesn't have to pine anymore. *happy sigh*

Cynics Are Simply Thwarted Romantics by [archiveofourown.org profile] Reccea
A magical villain puts a sleeping beauty curse on Steve and that's only the start. Really lovely take on Steve/Bucky + fairy tales.

Now or Never by [archiveofourown.org profile] MoreThanSlightly
Sweet, hot, wistful Steve/Peggy/Bucky.

our very personal stylists can help by [archiveofourown.org profile] verity
The Winter Soldier does not work for SHIELD, because SHIELD no longer exists. Neither does he freelance. The original Black Widow is his employer. She assisted Captain America and the Falcon in tracking him for six months and captured him outside Prague, pinning him to the interior wall of a metal shipping container with magnets. "From what I understand, you're recently defrosted and have been comprehensively brainwashed," she said in clipped Russian. "Do you want me to return you to base?"

"No," the Winter Soldier said.

The Black Widow nodded. "How about years of therapy?"

The Winter Soldier shook his head.

Unexpectedly, the Black Widow smiled at him. "Yeah, me neither. Want a job?"
Hee! Kate and Bucky team up reluctantly at the local J. Crew.

professional disaster human by [archiveofourown.org profile] margot_tenenbaum
Clint deals with the aftermath of the revelations about SHIELD in his own mostly hapless way. Oh Clint.

pull apart the dark by [archiveofourown.org profile] togina
Long, excellent, heartwrenching story of how Steve getting de-aged finally gets Bucky out of his own head. Oh my heart. *sobs* I especially like Pepper here, and her friendship with Bucky around the edges.

Re: Blonde Joke by [archiveofourown.org profile] lazulisong
You're eating pizza -- plain cheese, because your stomach twisted at the sight of the pepperoni and sausage -- with the girl when it occurs to you: "Did we ever tell Steve we were going to marry him?"

The girl tilts down her sunglasses and looks at you with raised eyebrows. "If you want to marry Captain America, that's your own business. Leave me out of it." She takes a dainty bite of her pizza. "Unless I'm your sister again, in which case, what the fuck, Barnes. What the actual fuck."

"Sorry," you say, looking down. You got confused again, but you remember that the girl isn't Becca now. Her name is Kate Bishop. She and Clint Barton are both codenamed Hawkeye, which they appear to think is perfectly normal, and everybody else finds a little strange.

The girl stares at you for a long moment. She says, "Captain America acts like it was HYDRA that screwed you up, but you were kind of fucked up to begin with, weren't you?"

You look up, twist your mouth into something like an expression. You hold your left hand up, pinch your forefinger and thumb about half an inch apart. Maybe a little.
Oh Bucky. He and Kate team up to save their respective partners.

Read All About It by [archiveofourown.org profile] Mangacat
I really enjoyed this look at Bucky making an effort to show Steve he's ready to be on the Avengers, though it has some formatting and punctuation issues. (Also, it's in 2nd person, and I know that bothers a lot of people.)

Ricochet by [archiveofourown.org profile] melannen
Steve figures out a foolproof way to bring Bucky back to him. Oh heart.

Somebody Get That Kid A Sandwich by [archiveofourown.org profile] toffeecape
"I begged my mom to make this so many times when I was little, she finally taught me how to do it myself. First thing I ever learned to cook."

Bucky looked at Steve as he chewed. Finally he swallowed and murmured, "Date squares."

Steve grinned. "That's right! Yeah, you got your Ma to teach you those because I liked 'em so much."

Bucky nodded. "Lots of butter," he said approvingly. Sam squinted at him. With his wild-man hair and crazy-man arsenal, Bucky bore almost no resemblance to the clean-cut soldier from the history books, let alone a small boy trying to feed up his even smaller friend.
Sam cooks for Steve and Bucky on their roadtrip of revenge. I really enjoyed this.

United States v. Barnes, 617 U.S. 143 (2015) by [archiveofourown.org profile] fallingvoices & [archiveofourown.org profile] radialarch
The story of the Winter Soldier's trial, told mostly via court transcripts and news reports. It worked for me, except for the interspersed texts/tweets. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot.

waiting for the winter by [archiveofourown.org profile] coldhope
"Okay, so, from practically-legendary merciless superhuman assassin with a metal arm to sad hobo with a metal arm in, what, two months? I mean, sure, living in DC takes its toll on people, but sheesh." Tony leans back in his chair. "Make that sad psychotic hobo." The marks of metal fingers on his throat are blooming black-purple, and he's not going to get his voice all the way back to normal for some days yet. The Avengers help Steve help Bucky. I enjoyed this.

When the Season Comes Around by [archiveofourown.org profile] theheartischill
Three weeks in Bucky sits on a bench surrounded by tulips just opening, vibrant petals tentatively unconcealing their dark centers, and writes in his notebook: I like to be a nice thing in other people's lives. He forces himself not to add a question mark, telling himself that maybe it doesn't have to be the only truth in order to be true. Slow, meditative, thoughtful and moving story about Bucky learning to live again. I cried a lot, so maybe have tissues handy.

you know I dreamed about you by [archiveofourown.org profile] napricot
CATWS AU where Steve starts dreamsharing with Bucky while Bucky is in cryo. Really lovely take on dreamsharing as a trope, and reworking the plot of CATWS to account for Steve knowing about Bucky beforehand. I enjoyed this a lot.

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Lilo & Stitch/Thor

Loki, Lilo & Stitch by [archiveofourown.org profile] TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
This is an adorable series where Loki is found by Lilo and Stitch when he lets go of the Bifrost.


Captain America/Inception

All Along the Watchtower by [archiveofourown.org profile] hetrez
Bucky gets stuck in a dream and Steve has to help him out. And gain his memories back along the way. Oh heart.

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Oliver and Felicity's High School Reunion by [archiveofourown.org profile] bayloriffic
I really enjoyed this Olicity fake dating story (though I don't believe either of them would have sex without a condom the first time with each other, so that threw me a little *hands*).


Avatar: Legend of Korra

("Royals!") by [personal profile] lizbee
Lin Beifong is the heir to the Earth Kingdom throne. No one, least of all Lin, is pleased about this. Heh.


Harry Potter

These Young Lions by [archiveofourown.org profile] enjambament
Sirius goes on the run instead of going to Azkaban, and with some help from Remus he tries to prove his innocence. I enjoyed this a lot.


[nts] shaaaaaaaaaaarks

Oct. 31st, 2014 03:25 pm
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Insight would be appreciated but mostly I'm writing this down this time so's I have it when I come back to this after the weekend. ;)

Read more... )

Banquet by Sayael (NSFW)

Oct. 31st, 2014 04:02 pm
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Fandom: Hannibal
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham
Content Notes/Warnings: violence, gore
Medium: digital drawing
Artist Website/Gallery: [deviantart.com profile] Sayael

Why this piece is awesome: This is strangely captivating. I love all the opulence and detail in the table decorations, and I love their expressive faces.

Link: Banquet by Sayael
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via http://ift.tt/10EbrT6 at October 31, 2014 at 03:00AM:


tranquil as a forest, but on fire within.

#I’m sorry is that a mulan song on a melinda gif set#OH MY FUCKING GOD IT IS#REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG#melinda may#better than your faves#fuck me this is genius#agents of shield
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Fun Story: My director kept telling me and my tenor sax buddy to play softer. No matter what we did, it wasn’t soft enough for him. So getting frustrated, I told my buddy “Dont play this time. Just fake it” 

Our Band Director then informed us we sounded perfect. 

To my readers: “p” means quiet, “pp” means really quiet. I’ve never seen “pppp” before haha.

On the contrast, “f” means loud, and “ffff” probably means so loud you go unconscious.

I had ffff in a piece once and my conductor told me to play as loudly as physically possible without falling off my chair…

Me and my trombone buddies had “ffff” and he sat next to me and played so hard that he fell out of his chair.

The lengths we go for music.

Okay yeah so I play the bass clarinet and the amount of air you have to move and the stiffness of the reed means it only has two settings and that is loud and louder, with an optional LOUDEST that includes a 50% probability of HORRIBLE CROAKING NOISE which is the bass equivalent of the ubiquitous clarinet shriek.

One day, when I was in concert band in high school, we got a new piece handed out for the first time, and there was a strange little commotion back in the tuba section — whispering, and pointing at something in the music, and swatting at each other’s hands all shhh don’t call attention to it. And although they did attract the attention of basically everyone else in the band, they managed to avoid being noticed by the band director, who gave us a few minutes to look over our parts and then said, “All right, let’s run through it up to section A.”

And here we are, cheerfully playing along, sounding reasonably competent — but everyone, when they have the attention to spare, is keeping an eye on the tuba players. They don’t come in for the first eight measures or so, and then when they do come in, what we see is:

[stifled giggling]

[reeeeeeally deep breath]


The entire band stops dead, in the cacophonous kind of way that a band stops when it hasn’t actually been cued to stop. The band director doesn’t even say anything, just looks straight back at the tubas and makes a helpless sort of why gesture.

In unison, the tuba players defend themselves: “THERE WERE FOUR F’S.”

FFFF is not really a rational dynamic marking for any instrument, but for the love of all that is holy why would you put it in a tuba part.

This is the best band post 

Everyone else go home

Oh man, so I play trombone, and we got this piece called Florentiner Marsch by Julius Fucik, and we saw this

which is 8 fortes. We were shocked until,

that is 24 fortes who the fuck does that

Who does that?

This guy. Take a good look - that is the moustache of a man with nothing to lose.

Julius IdontgivaFucik

More like Julius Fuckit

this post just kept getting better and better

This is my favorite post and always will be.

✓ 2014-10-31

Oct. 31st, 2014 12:35 am
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