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Mar. 2nd, 2015 11:30 pm
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Mar. 2nd, 2015 02:00 pm
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So I had stopped using tumblr for a while, but now I seem to be back to using it. About 75% reblogs (sometimes with commentary) but there is original stuff too.

So, if you are on tumblr and want (for whatever reason) to follow me, I am at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/ysobelflp

(and I do have it set to crosspost to twitter, which ... right now I don't use much apart from the automatic crosspost. So if you follow me on twitter (which I just typed twittr, heh) you will know when I post to tumblr, though I don't think the images carry over.)

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Mar. 2nd, 2015 04:50 pm
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Film: Big Hero 6

Mar. 2nd, 2015 08:37 pm
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Reason for watching it: I have a feeling I saw a trailer for it and thought it looked fun, and [personal profile] jack independently thought of it as a film we might both enjoy. It's had really surprisingly little buzz, goodness knows there's enough Disney fans, both adult and child, in my social circles.

Circumstances of watching it: I had a weekend that was in some ways wonderful, cos I got to spend time with people I really like, including [personal profile] khalinche and [personal profile] ceb. But in some ways a bit difficult, because I scheduled too many social things and didn't have quite enough time or focus for any of them, and I didn't handle communicating about this very well. Anyway, in the middle of this [personal profile] jack and I managed to plan a date to mark three years of marriage and seven years together. So, film.

Verdict: Big Hero 6 is a lovely piece of animation, albeit in service of a weak plot.

detailed review )

I found the film really endearing and exciting and just the thing for a date. I'd also be really intrigued to see it with children in the age-range of its target audience. I mean, I like it better than pretty much any other children's film I've seen since Wall·E, but I can see why something like Frozen was more commercially successful.

The showing also included a short, Feast, which I didn't really love. It has a very cute puppy, but the animation wasn't particularly great and the storyline is your basic boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy proves his love by stalking girl shtick, and the cute puppy doesn't much make me favour that plot shape.

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Mar. 2nd, 2015 08:06 pm
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Hello! It's MARCH! Thanks very much for saying nice things on my last post, which was just a particularly bad week near the end of a particularly relentless few months – I especially felt better when I looked at my calendar and realised that I haven't had more than 36 hours in a row off shift (not even including commute time) since the first week of December, which is a fair reason to be feeling worn down! Especially because this was supposed to be a job with lots of downtime and time off, which was a big reason I took it, and I had been trying to do the same amount of stuff-outside-work and then going 'ugh why am I so tired?' Truly it is a mystery, self. Happily things are getting back to normal this month.

Here are some other things that have helped me feel better lately:

Moving around more: I am very against the social pressure to Exercise, which is always a bit vaguely 'cardio! sit-ups! machines! loud music! look at how happy this blonde lady is in her yoga pants and lipstick!' and when aimed at women usually has the subtext of Lose Weight, You Lazy Cow. But in my grumpiness I had taken this past 'yes, it is okay to not Do Exercise' and 'no, Exercise doesn't magically fix all health issues' to, like, 'moving around with the intention of feeling better is total bullshit and just conforming to the patriarchy!!'. And it turned out when I started simply trying to move around more as part of normal life – walking outside for an hour or so before night shifts, stretching and doing not-quite-push-ups against the couch arm for fifteen minutes while watching Agent Carter – I started sleeping much better, and feeling less vaguely irritable and zonked out. Way to go, moving around!

Eating better (for me): In further hold-the-front-page news, eating mostly food that tastes nice, includes a fair proportion of vegetables, and isn't too heavy makes me feel better than eating mostly oven chips and takeaways. I am very pro oven chips and takeaways when cooking isn't feasible for whatever reason (bad day, very tired, etc), but it got so that every night was feeling like that, and eating like that every day wasn't making me feel good.

A related problem is that I have several cookbooks that have great recipes but are more effort than I'm up for on weekdays, so I'd get home, look through them and go "ooh, that looks nice!", then read at the eighteen steps and go "ehhhhhhh" and order out. Recently I've looked for and bought recipe books based on whether I'll actually cook from them, and it's been really good – the food's been tasty and I haven't felt vaguely sad and disappointed in myself every night, which is always a good feeling to stop having! Here are the main books I've been using and really like, which have dishes that taste nice and take around 10-20 minutes to prep:

Every Grain of Rice: Chinese recipes, mostly Szechuan, by Fuchsia Dunlop. I like every recipe I've tried in this, but each one has seemed to require an ingredient I don't have on hand, which has been a bit annoying.

Easy Indian: Indian recipes, mostly Keralan, by Das Sreedharan. Sreedharan founded London's excellent Rasa chain, and I almost bought one of his other books that didn't have 'Easy' in the title, which I felt was ~beneath me~, but then I reminded myself I did want easy recipes, and this has been my favourite so far. It's exactly what I needed, really good recipes that are ready in 5-20 minutes and mostly involve just chopping things and making them hot.

Real Food: Vegetarian Recipes for Your Slo-Cooker: Not sure about the term 'slo-cooker', but this has been a good resource for soups/stews/misc gloopy food to take into work that I actually look forward to eating.

It's not dark at 3:30pm any more: hurrah spring

Getting blasted and going to see 50 Shades of Grey at the Peckhamplex: Okay, so this is not a film I would necessarily have set out to see, but Ewan has pledged to see and review every film written or directed by a woman with a mainstream release in 2015, and did not want to the guy buying a single ticket to a spanking sex film, so we went to the £5 with a friend and consumed just really absurd amounts of booze. It was a very silly film. I don't remember very much about it except that liked Dakota Johnson much, much more than I expected to, Callum Keith Rennie was in it for thirty seconds (HI RAY!!) and Jennifer Ehle had an amazing purple dress. I liked that most of the main relationship was Christian Grey of Grey Enterprises, 1 Grey Tower, going "DON'T YOU KNOW I'M BAD FOR YOU? I DON'T DO LOVE!!" while whatsherface went "…Okay?" Oh my god, though, so much booze. (I just brought a thermos full of rum and lime juice, A++ would smuggle into movie theatre again.)

there's no clue

Mar. 2nd, 2015 12:40 pm
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We had an SCA event last weekend! Not this last weekend. But the weekend before. It was Lord Tynk's Ragnorok and Roll event. Brent did his usual and won a God of Rock throne because he won the archery tournament. It was awesome. It's a really nice chair. I think he'll like using it at Gulf Wars.

I did Gulf Wars prep all weekend and Friday. I didn't go into work Friday because my brain was playing tricks on me. So I put my brain away and did prep. I got two under tunics done up, but one ended up too small in the waist and will need alteration. The other came out just fine.

I also worked out and got another pair of mittens cast on, but not worked on. I need to work on those because I don't want to take them to Gulf Wars, but that would be a neat visit for them. Taking them all over Gulf Wars and taking pictures of them. Like the Yarn Harlot does with socks.

Nerd Fitness Rebellion Six Week Challenge! I took it and am working on it. It's going well so far.

I changed the desktop background to daffodils. And my phone background. I needed something springlike. I am so tired of grey weather.
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Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'
Fans have been losing accounts & audio posts on Tumblr. OTW Legal offers input about what the process should be. http://bit.ly/1FOm1Vo
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"My Body is a Cage," The Cutting Edge, Kate Moseley, character study.

"Take On Me," The Cutting Edge, Doug Dorsey/Kate Moseley, romance.

"I Could Be," Selfie, Eliza Dooley/Henry Higgs, romance and humor.

Links to embeds, downloads, and commentary in individual entries at my journal.

One year

Mar. 2nd, 2015 12:34 pm
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I meant to acknowledge this (here and not just on Facebook) closer to the occasion, but... two Saturdays ago, Valentine's Day, was our first wedding anniversary.

Being as it was also a holiday weekend (clever of us to plan it that way), we drove up to New Buffalo, MI, for a two-night little getaway. Two consecutive steak dinners and an in-room two-person whirlpool. :-) Due to the snow, we didn't really go anywhere else... mostly stayed in our room, snuggled up watching TV and eating bonbons (literally). But that was perfect.

So we saw Chamber of Secrets and Serenity (#anniversarygeekaway)... and then the majority of the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary retrospective on Sunday afternoon. Which was actually perfect too, because I really did want to see it, but at home we don't do broadcast TV, and even if we did I would never have sat in front of it for four hours, but that's exactly what we got to do.

The thing was, as I said to [livejournal.com profile] etrace once we got there: it's kind of a big deal for me to reach the first anniversary and be able to know that I still feel overjoyed and contented and thrilled about everything. "Yeah, I actually wondered about that," he said. Longtime readers will know why it's a big emotional hurdle for me to get past. But... we are here, and life is still the same: wonderful. Our life.

(But I was still glad we hadn't saved any frozen wedding cake to choke down. That's one tradition that I am permanently over.)

So, here is to the next year, and the next and the next, with the best and truest partner I ever had or could hope for. The one whose face (and brain and heart and everything else) makes me smile. The one I can't wait to go home and have lunch with every day. Like right now. :-)
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Linetti-Boyle Wedding
spoilers )

The Good Wife: Dark Money
toby ziegler would not approve of spoilers )

All in all, not a great return, but I'm still glad to have the show back after such a long hiatus.

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This is crossposted from Curiousity.ca, my personal maker blog. If you want to link to this post, please use the original link since the formatting there is usually better.

Hello Kitty Crochet is a book I have coveted since I knew it existed, in part due to nostalgia as I remember getting little cute Japanese things on occasion as a kid, but also because it just looked like a fantastic set of amigurumi crochet patterns with lots of details and cute photos.

Hello Kitty Crochet: Supercute Amigurumi…
Hello Kitty Crochet: Supercute Amigurumi Patterns for Sanrio Friends
by Mei Li Lee

J’s parents were sweet enough to get me a copy for my birthday. So of course, the thing to do is to make the titular character and send her back with a thank you note! I have no idea what they’re ever going to do with a little Hello Kitty, but what has one ever done with Hello Kitty other than admire her, really?

I finished her head pretty quickly, then got side-tracked by something else so there was just this severed head lying around the house for a week:

Hello Kitty Amigurumi

Eventually, though, she got some more body parts:

Hello Kitty Amigurumi

The strange one there is the bow. I am quite sure that there’s an error in the book, because they have you doing 4 sc and then 3 sc in one, which would give you a total of 7 sc across… but then the next line says you should turn and do 9 sc plus another 3-in-one. Does not compute, Hello Kitty. Through looking at the pictures and some online research my best guess is that you’re not supposed to turn your work front to back but rather make an oval by crocheting around the other side of the original chain, so that’s what I wound up doing.

Here’s a picture where you can see it better:

Hello Kitty Amigurumi

And here’s one so you can see that she does indeed have a tail:

Hello Kitty Amigurumi

What you can’t see is that she has washers in her butt to make her a bit weighted and not top heavy. I debated putting a rare earth magnet in there too, but I couldn’t really think when that would be useful, so I went with just the washers.

To fill out the post, here’s some photos with a Hello Kitty Makeup box I got when it was on sale at Sephora:

Hello Kitty Amigurumi

Very kawaii, indeed. I’d originally intended to felt her, but once I got her features on I didn’t want to mess them up. Maybe next time!

Hello Kitty Amigurumi

Hello Kitty Amigurumi

If you don’t know how big that box is, it might be hard to tell how big she is. Here’s a shot with a ruler, although the one I have with the ruler up and down didn’t turn out so well, so you’ll have to guesstimate from the one where it’s beside her. She’s a little under 3in high.

Hello Kitty Amigurumi

Aside from the issue with the bow, I found the directions pretty clear. They’d be suitable for a crochet/amigurumi beginner if you’re eager to try her out. I can’t wait to try some of the other patterns in the collection!

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The story of the week involved a fan-made Power Rangers vid; or, as Eric Buchman wrote for Digital Trends, Where’s the line between fan-fic and copyright infringement? Ask the Power Rangers. Cady Terry posted on Boise Weekly [Franchise owner] Saban has decided to sue the fan-film’s creator for copyright infringement. The fan creation doesn't fall within the realm of the actual storyline of the Power Rangers, but according to an unnamed entertainment copyright attorney, speaking to deadline.com, "there is a gray area of 'fan fiction,' where tributes are made by fans and the studios don’t want to piss off their base by going after these people legally. The [creator] may have a fair use defense, or a de minimis use defense. It’s not a slam dunk by either side. Trademark law applies as well." And, in an overview for Tech Gen Mag, Andrew Montiveo wrote A legal battle may be brewing over a highly polished work of gratuitous fan fiction, and many suspect heads will roll.

Matthew Rowe wrote Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who...Everything You Love Is Fan-Fiction for Movie Pilot.

In “It’s Never Black or White: Is Fan Fiction Fair Use?” for Bloomberg BNA, Rebecca E. Hoffman concluded Clearly, fan fiction has come completely out of the shadows, but whether it will need to be reined in a shade, or fifty, remains to be seen.

Marie Claire Australia carried Inside The Multi-Million Dollar World Of Fan Fiction.

For Seven Days, Margot Harrison wrote Fan fiction, or stories penned by fans about their favorite literary, film or TV characters, has developed in parallel to online erotica, with many writers producing both. (An erotic component is common in such stories, though not universal.)

In a review of an anthology for The Globe and Mail, Steven W. Beattie wrote that On one level, then, [the story] Nothing O’Clock, first commissioned for an anthology marking the 50th anniversary of the series, falls into the genre of fan fiction, though [Neil] Gaiman’s strengths as a craftsperson are sufficient to elevate the story, and the author’s giddy enthusiasm for his task proves infectious.

What’s the week with out a Wattpad story? For The Verge, Rich McCormick wrote Fan fiction lets people get closer to their heroes. It lets them get close to celebrities, step into their worlds, imagine their lives intertwining with their idols'. And it also lets them have sex. Lots and lots of sex. The rise of fan fiction — specifically of the erotic variety — has prompted fan fiction megasite Wattpad to release a free iOS app, called After Dark, to collate its thousands of romance stories.

Finally, in “I’m the Air and Space Museum curator. Here’s what Leonard Nimoy meant to me.” for The Washington Post, Margaret A. Weitekamp wrote Nimoy’s Spock became a through-line in a franchise that has been evolving over almost 50 years. […] The “Star Trek” universe now includes five additional television series, 12 feature films and a universe of novels, fan fiction, and memorabilia.

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Mar. 2nd, 2015 02:25 pm
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Fandom: Naruto
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Uzumaki Naruto
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: I think it's a digital painting
Artist on DW/LJ: NA
Artist Website/Gallery: on Tegaki
Why this piece is awesome: I really like the colours and the art style - there's something really fairy tale-like about it.
Link: here on Tegaki (if the link breaks I have reblogged it here)


Mar. 2nd, 2015 12:20 pm
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Right, so scent is an important thing for me, right? Using familiar scented products (shower gels, moisturisers, perfume, etc) is very grounding and helps me remember where and what my body is, and so on. Consequently I tend to keep shower gel of my own at partners' houses.

Currently, the shower gel I have on the go at facesfriend's is Original Source Raspberry & Cocoa.

It turns out that Original Source only use a limited range of dyes in their shower gels; Raspberry & Cocoa is the exact same colour as the Black Pepper & Chilli MANLY MAN MAN MAN shower gel. It is genuinely quite difficult to tell the difference between the two if you're half-asleep and wholly-myopic.

... guess what facesfriend has acquired a bottle of. GUESS.
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FKFicFest banner with 3 season cast photos

[community profile] fkficfest | [livejournal.com profile] fkficfest | FKFicFest AO3 Collection

Shall we play a sixth annual Forever Knight ficathon game this year? If so, when? And with what rules?

If these questions interest you, please share your answers! The annual pre-game poll (on DW | on LJ) is open until 6:00 PM Pacific Time this Friday, March 6, 2015. (As a reminder, the community voted to wipe away all past defaults in celebration of the game's fifth anniversary last year. The slate is clean!)

Thank you for playing, and thank you for loving Forever Knight!


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