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Happy 추석/中秋の名月/中秋節/Tết Trung Thu/Lantern Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Mabon/start of סֻכּוֹת, those who celebrate! Lots of people celebrating outdoors tonight for many reasons. For [personal profile] hyounpark and I, it's also our wedding anniversary according to both the Korean and Jewish lunisolar calendars ;) (We were married on Chuseok/the first day of Sukkot last year. Per the Western solar calendar, we have another 10 days, which is good, because he's in class tonight. ;P )


I meant to post this a few days ago, but September is getting away from me.

Based on the results of last week's poll (and its counterpart), I'll be centralizing comments on Dreamwidth. (I can hear [personal profile] hyounpark spouting off about "unified communications solutions" now; oy. :) )


- Entries will be crossposted, so LJ friends can continue reading them on LJ.
- Comment links will go to the comments section on the Dreamwidth entry. If you'd like to comment on a given entry, I promise you that setting up your LJ OpenID on Dreamwidth is a really easy process; [personal profile] chrisg confirms that it takes about two minutes if you don't want to upload icons, but I know the ability to have (a selection of) icons for commenting is important to many of y'all. ;)
- If you're logged into Dreamwidth with your LJ OpenID, and I've given your LJ OpenID access, you'll be able to see and comment on entries that are locked down on DW. (I've given OpenID access to everyone who indicated in that poll that they didn't have a DW, but did want to comment; if this is the case for you and I haven't given you access, poke me!)
- You can also always send me a private message (and I'll link to that in my footer in the future), but I hope you'll come on over and contribute to the conversation! I like my friends and good conversations. :)

In related news, I also did a quick LJ friends-list-cut of everyone who indicated they were either posting only on Dreamwidth, or were crossposting the same content between Dreamwidth and LJ; have made sure we're mutually added on DW as applicable.


Minor House spoilers. Hyoun's fault. )


[personal profile] hyounpark: OMIGOD I AM SICK OF HOMEWORK.
[personal profile] ursamajor: Awww, it'll be okay. Just think of it this way: 15 more assignments and then I get to call you "master!"
[personal profile] hyounpark: But I was already a Pokemon Master. I should put that on my business cards!


죽 is ready; hooray lazy dinner.


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