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I know I promised to talk about my NYC and Chapel Hill trips, but first: the new Delicious debuted this morning, and I am ... ambivalent both looking for a temporary replacement (though I'll probably default to freelish.us for awhile, though that appears to be down, and I hope it's temporary?), and furious at myself for not getting off my butt and making the damned mockups for Dreamwidth's bookmarking/memorification project when I knew this day was coming.


1. Where are you currently sharing your bookmarks? How well does it work for social - letting me follow my friends' bookmarkings, letting me browse everybody's bookmarks on a specific topic, etc?

2. Given that I am currently highly motivated to make a design for it: What would you want in a Dreamwidth-based social bookmarking service?

Editing as I find things missing that were key to my usage of the old Delicious. For a Dreamwidth-integrated/based bookmarking service, what do you want to see? (Especially if it's not already listed here, where the Memories Overhaul project was originally filed. Edit: [staff profile] denise wrote up a spec awhile back when originally considering the Memories overhaul, though admittedly it does not word-wrap in my browser, so that makes it a bit hard to read. It's fairly encompassing, though! Is there anything you think is missing?)

Things I like about the new Delicious:
- multi-word, comma-separated tags. (AVOS' implementation, where they harrass you every single time you try to *make* one of these new multi-word, comma-separated tags? Not so much.)

Things I miss about the old Delicious (editing as we go):
- network pages. Dear AVOS, YOU FAIL AT SOCIAL. The cornerstone of social is "let me see what my friends/the people I follow are doing/sharing here." YOU'RE NOT LETTING ME DO THAT.
- RSS feeds.
- tag pages.
- the ability to see more than 10 links per page, or 10 links per *tag*.
- the ability to search "everyone's bookmarks," "my network's bookmarks," or "just my bookmarks."
- the ability to use / in tags without problems
- a working extension, though a working bookmarklet would do too. (implementation note beyond my ken: ajaxy bookmarking window would be lovely rather than a popup; does that limit what one can do with making a bookmark?)
- tag auto-complete when bookmarking.
- tag subscription! I can see where the idea of following a stack on AVOS-delicious came from that, but if I want to follow someone's links about Pottermore, for example, why should they have to create a stack just so I can follow that tag?


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