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I've been getting more into fashion blogs lately, as a kind of segueway from biking blogs to cycle chic, and now, well, here I am, about to exit my early 30s, and I'm poring over style websites like girls half my age flip through Seventeen.

I'm fairly unique-looking, though, as a curvy petite mixed-race Filipino-white woman who's been living in the Northeast half her life (and consequently lost her California permatan). So I'm on the lookout now for fashion(y) blogs by fellow hapas and others of Asian descent, particularly to help me figure out what colors I look good in. I'm slowly starting to get a better idea of shapes as they pertain to my body (vaguely; I'm still not sure if I'm a pear or an apple or closer to a rectangle-with-curves, let alone my face shape), but color is still an utter mystery.

I've tried the seasonal color analyses, but I can never determine if I'm an Autumn or a Winter. The thing with a lot of these analyses is that they sound like they were written back in the '80s with their intense focus on All The Variety Of White Folks, *and* they group "Asian" and "Black" and just about all "non-white" people into Winter. And what the heck does "olive-toned skin" look like, anyway? - the person doesn't have green skin, do they?! I hear it often used to mean "golden," kind of? And I don't even look like the generic "default" Asian they talk about who is Chinese or Japanese or perhaps Korean.

a couple of pics of me below the cut )

I mean, I've even gone and tried to enter hex codes approximating my skin color into the Color Scheme Designer, to try to see if that helps me figure out what colors look good on me, but the "matching" results are all these grey and muted blues and purples that on me? Just make me look sickly. On the other hand, I get random compliments when I'm in lime green and that fuchsia that's more red than pink. On the third hand, I love, adore, and live for teals and blues. On the fourth hand, I'm coming to accept chocolate brown into my life, at least in tops (I still think it looks ugly as a color for pants.) On the fifth hand, maybe it's tones I need to worry about? Maybe I can just mostly rule out pastels except for situations where they're required, and I should be focusing on jewel tones? Or maybe it's the reverse?

Honestly, at this point, I couldn't tell you whether I look better in white or ivory to even give me a clue where to start, or what my skin color's "undertone" is, because I see pink and brown and green and blue and yellow. :P

The Asian stylish bloggers I know of so far:

- E of Academichic
- Jen of A Tale of Two Closets
- Elaine of Clothed Much
- Dominique of Konichiwear (Pili bonus!)
- Rumi of fashiontoast
- Keiko Lynn
- Sarah of Girls and Bicycles (okay, definitely more bike-oriented, but she always looks so chic!)
- Trisha of Omiru, though she doesn't photoblog herself in her outfits, which is more what I'm looking for.

Any of you more fashionable people out there know of others? Extra bonus points if they're into bikes or farmers markets or whimsical video games or a cappella music or are local to me. ;) Extra extra bonus points if they're somewhere in the 25-40 range, because I don't particularly want to dress like a college kid, but I do go between situations where I want to be perceived as "in my twenties" and ones where I want to dress more like I'm "in my thirties." Ideally, I'd end up with a mix of fashion bloggers tilting more towards those based in the US and Canada (accessibility of styles) while still including those living elsewhere.

Update: New York Magazine tackles Vogue's "Asian models" special issue, and finds it lacking:

December's American Vogue features eight Asian models who are, according to the magazine, "redefining traditional concepts of beauty." ... Yet while major fashion and beauty brands are hiring more Asian models, Vogue's proclamation comes off as dubious at best.

While it's refreshing to see the magazine acknowledge the importance of Asian models in the industry, especially since Vogue has largely ignored Asian models in the past, it always seems easier for magazines to lump the girls in a feature like this, feel like the acknowledgment has been made, and then revert back to their usual ultra-white mix of models in subsequent issues. It will be interesting to see if and how Vogue will support these statements in forthcoming issues.


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