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Things accomplished today: Slept in. Went across the street for donuts. I suppose we have to finish packing at some point.

(It's gusty and rainy here in Cambridge, but we still have power. The worst rain so far was last night when we were at Home Depot; it was like somebody'd taken the entirety of Fresh Pond and dumped it over the roof in one go. Also, roads were flooding as of last night - waist-deep under the Boston Ave bridge, so we had to detour a good way to go around it.)


Earlier today, an old friend got this song stuck in my head, so I went to look for the lyrics and discovered nobody had a complete, accurate copy. Remedying that.

Old Man Noah

A way way back, in the ages dark, (a way way back in the ages dark)
Old Man Noah built a sea-going ark. (old man noah built a seagoing ark)
Old man Noah had his nervous spells
When he had to listen to the animals' yells.
But when anything was doing he was there with bells
He was a grand old sailor.

Old man Noah knew a thing or two
He made them all play ball (Noah made them all play)
Old man Noah knew a thing or two.
Because he knew a thing or two,
He thought he knew it all.
Some say he was an also ran
He was the original sailor man.
Old man Noah knew a thing or two
He was a grand old man.

Said Old Man Noah to his wife one day, (said old man noah to his wife one day)
"There's a big storm a'comin' on the first day of May." (there's a big storm a'comin' on the first day of may)
So he gathered all his family and made this remark,
"The sky is getting cloudy and it's getting rather dark,
So gather all the animals and beat it to the ark,
It's going to rain tomorrow."

The rain came down in showers prime, (the rain came down in showers prime)
The ark lit out on scheduled time. (the ark lit out on scheduled time)
And every day at half past three,
Noah played poker with a chimpanzee.
Cried the ring-tailed monkey, "I sadly grieve,
Noah has a full house up his sleeve."

When Noah got the animals out to sea, (when noah got the animals out to sea)
They organized a regular jubilee. (they organized a regular jubilee)
In the middle of the night the elephant said,
"There's a couple of snakes crawled in to my bed!"
"Shut up!" said Noah, "You're drunk instead -
Now I'm gonna lose my license!"


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