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I know I promised to talk about my NYC and Chapel Hill trips, but first: the new Delicious debuted this morning, and I am ... ambivalent both looking for a temporary replacement (though I'll probably default to freelish.us for awhile, though that appears to be down, and I hope it's temporary?), and furious at myself for not getting off my butt and making the damned mockups for Dreamwidth's bookmarking/memorification project when I knew this day was coming.


1. Where are you currently sharing your bookmarks? How well does it work for social - letting me follow my friends' bookmarkings, letting me browse everybody's bookmarks on a specific topic, etc?

2. Given that I am currently highly motivated to make a design for it: What would you want in a Dreamwidth-based social bookmarking service?

Editing as I find things missing that were key to my usage of the old Delicious. For a Dreamwidth-integrated/based bookmarking service, what do you want to see? (Especially if it's not already listed here, where the Memories Overhaul project was originally filed. Edit: [staff profile] denise wrote up a spec awhile back when originally considering the Memories overhaul, though admittedly it does not word-wrap in my browser, so that makes it a bit hard to read. It's fairly encompassing, though! Is there anything you think is missing?)

Things I like about the new Delicious:
- multi-word, comma-separated tags. (AVOS' implementation, where they harrass you every single time you try to *make* one of these new multi-word, comma-separated tags? Not so much.)

Things I miss about the old Delicious (editing as we go):
- network pages. Dear AVOS, YOU FAIL AT SOCIAL. The cornerstone of social is "let me see what my friends/the people I follow are doing/sharing here." YOU'RE NOT LETTING ME DO THAT.
- RSS feeds.
- tag pages.
- the ability to see more than 10 links per page, or 10 links per *tag*.
- the ability to search "everyone's bookmarks," "my network's bookmarks," or "just my bookmarks."
- the ability to use / in tags without problems
- a working extension, though a working bookmarklet would do too. (implementation note beyond my ken: ajaxy bookmarking window would be lovely rather than a popup; does that limit what one can do with making a bookmark?)
- tag auto-complete when bookmarking.
- tag subscription! I can see where the idea of following a stack on AVOS-delicious came from that, but if I want to follow someone's links about Pottermore, for example, why should they have to create a stack just so I can follow that tag?
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In December, when the rumors of Delicious being "sunsetted" were spreading, Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb wrote a eulogy for Delicious that nailed the reasons I loved it so.

Tell an everyday person they can put their bookmarks online, making them accessible from any computer via a service like Delicious, and they are often amazed. Tell them they can then see other bookmarks that other people have tagged with the same categories - and they begin to see another world, a world where the Web is social and interconnected, where we all benefit from the trails of data created by one another's everyday use of the Web. That's just the beginning, though, of the story that could have been told with Delicious, a wonderfully simple service that died too young.

So when another article by Kirkpatrick surfaced in my RSS reader yesterday with the provocative title "The Ideal Delicious Alternative? Status.net Launches Freelish.us!," he got my laser-focused attention. Freelish.us?

Freelish.us is built on top of Status.net's standards-based software for distributed, federated social networking. Anyone can set up their own implementation, design and community version of Freelish.us and all users can follow people on other implementations of the network. In the future, all installations of Status.net will have the option of launching their own interoperable social bookmarking feature, the company says. Freelish.us will never die, either, because it can live on your own servers, under your own control. That's not something that can be said about Delicious. You don't have to run it on your own server, you can just use the official installation too. You can import your Delicious bookmarks, grab the bookmarklet and get started.

I imported my Delicious bookmarks and grabbed the Freelish.us bookmarklet, and now I want everybody to know: this is it.

details and squee behind the cut )

So I hope to goodness you'll give Freelish.us a try. After all? It's open source. If you don't like it as is, you're free to take the code, host it yourself, improve it the way you like - while still keeping up with me remotely. Thank you, federation.
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Edit: FWIW, I have also opened up Pinboard and Diigo accounts as ursamajor, and I am still ursamajor on Delicious as well. I bookmark tech and social media stuff, recipes and food stuff, social justice stuff, and the semi-occasional fic there (though I may start moving that to AO3, if there's a way to import all bookmarks from one tag. Manually moving them will be a PITA.) Anyway, if you want to friend me on any of those accounts, let me know who you are over there :)

Delicious: Not going away just yet. Their blog server's crashing, so the announcement in full:

'We believe there is (sic) a ideal home outside [Yahoo] where it can be resourced to the level where it can be competitive. )

Regardless, it's stirred up a *lot* of chatter in the past 24 hours about where we're fleeing to, and whether we need to be focusing on making a place where *we* maintain control. This is why building federation into our future bookmarking solution is incredibly important.

In addition, many of us use Delicious to browse and search each others' bookmarks and tags, not just our own. Being unable to export the (public) bookmarks of others removes a lot of the value, and none of the existing solutions being bandied about seem to have these options in a form that I like. In particular, the friending models suck. For Diigo, you have to submit friend requests to follow others, just like on Facebook; on Pinboard, you can't search for your friends, and can only subscribe to a friend from looking directly at their profile.

I'm also not seeing an easy way to emulate Delicious tag subscriptions, but I haven't had a great deal of time to look around.

But the most important part - Delicious's link collection is crowdsourced. We scatter to the winds, and that significantly dilutes the power of that crowdsourcing. The current chatter seems to indicate to me that I'm likely to end up splitting up my bookmarks anyway - fannish stuff to one, nonfannish to another - and I like seeing what other fen are bookmarking that isn't fandom related. Lots of you file away cookie recipes, for example. ;) Others keep me informed on social justice issues in areas I might not be focused on, or have a great deal of experience in. And many of you also teach me nifty techie things I might not have found on my own.

So there *may* be a future for Delicious. But that depends on the market, and who ends up buying it. And the shakiness of it all is certainly unsettling enough that some people just won't bother to do the social bookmarking thing anymore. I've seen it happen enough already with blogging and LiveJournaling - since I moved primarily to Dreamwidth, my DW friends page is awesomely engaged and full of people posting interesting, thinky things, and sharing their lives. But it's only a year and a half into that network growth; it's not as busy as my LJ friends page was at its peak in the mid 2000s. And my LJ friends page today? Practically a ghost town.

So regardless of whether we all move on from Delicious or not, there will be a period where we try different things in order to establish our new personal search engine/social bookmarking homes - a period where it's all less effective because we don't have the same trust or even *size* of crowd to base our knowledge pool on. I hope it resolves quickly.
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1. FSCK FSCK FSCK DELICIOUS IS GETTING SHUT DOWN. I bookmark probably two to three dozen things in it every week! I autofeed local food stories through it to my food blog, tweet about interesting things in the tech world through it, am led to other interesting things because of the social component ... ReadWriteWeb's paean to Delicious most eloquently expresses how I'm feeling about it so far, with far fewer swear words.

Where are you guys fleeing to? StumbleUpon? Pinboard.in? Hoping that the Dreamwidth social bookmarking service/Memories makeover gets moved up in priority? Something else?

2. The awesome [personal profile] azurelunatic has bestowed upon me a Diaspora invite - any of you other early-adopter types out there on it? Add me - I am, unsurprisingly, ursamajor at gmail, or at diasp.org, or I *think* at joindiaspora.com. [It is still in insanely early alpha, but I like being an early adopter. :) )

3. From the department of "Ask and ye shall Receive," [personal profile] glass_icarus and [personal profile] yiduiqie are starting Potluck, a carnival for "multicultural and intersectional discussions of food." The theme for the first edition is "Holidays," and I've got several ideas for potential submissions :) It's not just for written pieces - art, comics, videos, etc, as long as they fit the submission guidelines.

4. Lovely people baked me chocolate (cup)cakes for my birthday last week; thank you C and [livejournal.com profile] bitty!

5. Do any of you use neti pots? I'm on week two of the World's Most Disgusting Birthday Cold, and a bit terrified at the thought of pouring saltwater up my nose. But even doctor friends of mine are recommending the process for helping get the crud out.

6. The power of 6pm.com is that it has saved you all from my ranting about jeans-shopping-while-petite-and-curvy, so, tada, you just gained an extra 60 seconds. ;)

I'm definitely still on a fashion blogs kick, and as the next step, I started searching for fashion blogs by petite women. Guess what? That's where I found all the Asian fashion bloggers! Sadly, the ones I've found are posting about the challenges of being a 00P, which I am emphatically not, but it's still nice to see people who look a little more like me in this space. That and, well, as a petite curvy hapa Filipina chick living in a land of no Pin@y at all (and no understanding that Filipino-Americans are the second-largest Asian minority in the entire USA, behind only Chinese-Americans), I'll take what I can find.

7. Amazing Race 17 finale spoilers )


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