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Why will tomorrow night be different from all other nights?

1. My first attempt at making Manischewitz Jello Shots and Jigglers (in the form of Stars of David) will be gracing the Seder table.

2. [personal profile] hyounpark and I are sitting on comedy gold. Or at least WTFery. Our fellow Seder-goers tomorrow will have to make that call. ;)


Some days, I'm probably better off ignoring Google Reader; in the space of one round of going through my feeds, I came across the following:

- A BBC writer still using Chinese Whispers to refer to the Telephone game (yes, I know wiki says that's the popularly accepted name for the game in Britain; doesn't mean it's not patently racist)

- Cake Wrecks ended up on Stuff White People Do

an intentionally ironic *sigh* )

Based on this, I've started a new tag in my delicious bookmarks:
stillnotpostracial. Debating adding notpostracialyet, notpostracialtodayeither, nopenotpostracial, and stillnotpostracialbutboromirthinksweare (subtitle: mighthavebeenbloodloss).


So I was discussing the census with friends, one of whose husbands is Filipino. He filled his census form out, checked the "Filipino" box, but also selected the "Hispanic" box, which I found interesting because it never would have occurred to me to do the same.

Being Filipino (and especially being mixed-race Filipino-American) seems to inherently mean being a fusion of a whole bunch of things. We've traded with the Chinese and the Malaysians and other local archipelago denizens for approximately forever; the Spanish took over for a few centuries and we absorbed a whole bunch of cultural stuff from them (religion, pastries), cross-pollinated with them having also conquered Mexico (hooray tsokolate!).

Growing up, at least, though, I never thought of myself as Hispanic at all - my simplistic understanding then distinguished "Spanish" (people from Spain) from "Hispanic" (people from Central and South America whose countries had been taken over by Spain for awhile), so even though the Spaniards had taken over the Philippines too, we were too far away to be "really Hispanic."

Honestly, I still don't fully understand when people are using "Hispanic" as an ethnicity marker and when people are using it as a cultural marker, and how much it seems to depend on who's doing the labeling (insider vs. outsider). But how they do "Hispanic" on the census confuses me: why does being of "Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin" warrant a separate question from "What is this person's race?" If they're using this question to "help plan and administer bilingual programs for people of Hispanic origin," why not just ask the direct question, "Would these language programs help you?" And really, even if they're using the race question to try to determine where non-English services are needed, I'd be a poor choice for race to language comparisons - I speak English and French.

But I didn't really identify with much of Hispanic culture, since the Filipino side of the family and friends I grew up with mixed socially far more with the Chinese, so I don't really perceive my Filipino-ness to be Hispanic or Hispanic-related.

Of course, whether or not I'm "Asian" is another political football, since we straddle that line between "Asian" and "Pacific Islander," and boy howdy is that another minefield, especially because in US popular culture, people don't tend to think of "Filipino" when they think of "Asian." Most predominantly, "Asian" by itself, no modifiers, conjures up images of Chinese, Japanese, and possibly Korean. Maybe Vietnamese and Thai. Not Filipino. (I think the restaurants help build cultural awareness; everyone's gotta eat! but I'm still waiting for a good Filipino restaurant out here.)

And what should matter most is what other "insiders" think - though obviously, for me personally, that still shouldn't matter as much as what I think. Recognition by fellow Pilis is nice, but in my experience, since I'm mixed, not guaranteed, especially by the older generation.


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