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In December, when the rumors of Delicious being "sunsetted" were spreading, Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb wrote a eulogy for Delicious that nailed the reasons I loved it so.

Tell an everyday person they can put their bookmarks online, making them accessible from any computer via a service like Delicious, and they are often amazed. Tell them they can then see other bookmarks that other people have tagged with the same categories - and they begin to see another world, a world where the Web is social and interconnected, where we all benefit from the trails of data created by one another's everyday use of the Web. That's just the beginning, though, of the story that could have been told with Delicious, a wonderfully simple service that died too young.

So when another article by Kirkpatrick surfaced in my RSS reader yesterday with the provocative title "The Ideal Delicious Alternative? Status.net Launches Freelish.us!," he got my laser-focused attention. Freelish.us?

Freelish.us is built on top of Status.net's standards-based software for distributed, federated social networking. Anyone can set up their own implementation, design and community version of Freelish.us and all users can follow people on other implementations of the network. In the future, all installations of Status.net will have the option of launching their own interoperable social bookmarking feature, the company says. Freelish.us will never die, either, because it can live on your own servers, under your own control. That's not something that can be said about Delicious. You don't have to run it on your own server, you can just use the official installation too. You can import your Delicious bookmarks, grab the bookmarklet and get started.

I imported my Delicious bookmarks and grabbed the Freelish.us bookmarklet, and now I want everybody to know: this is it.

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So I hope to goodness you'll give Freelish.us a try. After all? It's open source. If you don't like it as is, you're free to take the code, host it yourself, improve it the way you like - while still keeping up with me remotely. Thank you, federation.


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