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so while i was waiting for the kitchen floor to dry so i could go make dinner, i was reading about an awesome library bookmarklet.

basically, let's say you're looking at amazon, for example, browsing the new jamie oliver cookbook. now, of course, i don't really have $23 to spend on a cookbook these days, and i shouldn't be buying them when my local library is within walking distance. :P particularly not from borders, much as i love it, when a new independent bookstore just opened up right next to my grocery store, so if i'm buying books i should be supporting the indies. but that's not the point! so normally, i'd copy-paste the info into a notepad file, and then go place the appropriate information into the catalog. a bunch of annoying, tedious clicking.

instead of all that annoying process, you install the bookmarklet by dragging it to your bookmarks bar, and then any time you're on an amazon page for a particular book (or barnes and noble, isbn.com, etc), you click on the bookmarklet and it pops up the search results for your local library's catalog for that particular book! (and in my case, lets me request a copy be put aside for me!)

or, well, it *should*. but apparently this came around a couple of years ago, and some of the bookmarklets are out of date. never fear, cantabrigians (and anybody else whose library belongs to the minuteman library network)! i did a wee bit of recoding, and the new bookmarklet is available here. just follow the instructions on that page to put it into your own web browser. :) (lj won't let me put it directly in an entry. pah.)

so with one click from that page, i can find out that everybody else in the world wants the new jamie oliver cookbook, too, and that i'm #6 in line for the next copy to come back. le sigh. :)


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