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Oh, right, the part where three weeks ago, I flew off to Korea to get married, and have been busy up the wazoo ever since, so if you've posted anything important in the last two weeks, tell me about it? :)

I feel mildly guilty that this is going to be a crosspost, but maybe y'all will forgive me when I say that I come bearing WEDDING PICTURES? :)

within: dozens of family members! chickens! Lynne in the box! piggyback rides! )

That's all the pics we've got for now! Though there are some more in my Flickr set that I was too lazy to bring over here; you can see them if we're Flickr friends :) It was a crazy and minutely-scheduled weekend, and being able to hop on a tour bus down to Gyeong-ju in the South with our family for the following three days was a lot more relaxing.

But we are marrrrrried! Kinda. The legal American ceremony in October will be smaller. But maybe I can get another piggy back ride there, too, for [livejournal.com profile] memerath to capture ;)


ursamajor: people on the beach watching the ocean (Default)
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