Mar. 13th, 2011 05:53 pm
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Tearing myself away from all the Japan coverage is difficult. Everyone I know personally who was affected (mostly friends from high school) has checked in safely at least once, but ongoing communications are difficult, obviously, and all we can do is wait, hopeful. When you grow up Californian, you live with the spectre of The Big One hanging over your head; even after you move to a much less earthquake-prone zone, there's still all your friends and family left behind there, and everybody else you've met elsewhere who's flocked there because it's the mythical California. And of course that doesn't account for the rest of the Ring of Fire, either.

[personal profile] rho posted Nuclear Energy 101, which may be of interest to anyone like me whose last physics class was well over a decade ago, and wants to know more of the science behind what's going on.


Some of you on LJ may be wondering why you're not receiving your email notifications lately. The reason for that: LJ's been listed on the Spamhaus blocking list for hosting spammers' websites. A quick glance at LJ's latest posts page illustrates the proportion of spammers' updates to legitimate updates in explicit technicolor. (Many of the pictures there will probably be NSFW, and I'd be wary of clicking on any of the links if I were you.)

Spamhaus's block list is reputable and widely used; if you're not receiving your LJ email notifications, it's likely that your email provider uses Spamhaus, and that this issue won't be resolved for you until LJ's taken enough of the appropriate actions to get itself removed from Spamhaus's list.

Sidenote 1. Man, comparing LJ's latest posts and Dreamwidth's latest posts - they're a universe apart. I know a lot of this is due to Dreamwidth still having invite codes (though most of us have plenty, so that we can bring over people we know while keeping the spammers out - if you'd like one, just let me know!)

Sidenote 2. If you've left your comments open to either anonymous commenters or commenters that are not on your friends list, you may have received comments from these spammers; this is a separate issue.


Finally, we get to the "Chocoholics Anonymous" portion of this update. ;)

triple chocolate parfait

bittersweet caramel honeycomb

more chocolate party pics )

The rest of the chocolate piccies.

the list of all 33 chocolate dishes )


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