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i have so much i want to say about this weekend, but what really sums it up is that it was meant to be. it's like the universe wanted to smack me over the head and say "just buy the damn ticket already, wouldya hon?" andrew on receipts at work, andrew on bus signs, andrew in ice cream containers, and the realization that i haven't seen andrew in three weeks are compelling arguments for impulsivity.

and that all crystallizes when i walk onto the train at rosslyn, head full of the plans to meet up with my co-conspirators at a thai restaurant near andrew's apartment in order to pull off this last-minute surprise visit.

and he's sitting there, in a two-seater right by the door, looking somewhat bemused and confused and stunned and happy at the sight of me and barely able to form the word "... hello." of all the possible trains we could have been on, of all the doors i could have chosen to board that train, it worked out to be that one.

meant. to. be. :)


ursamajor: people on the beach watching the ocean (Default)
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