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We had a rather eventful Kalends of March, to put it mildly.

[personal profile] hyounpark passed out at an industry dinner Thursday evening, and conked his head on the way down. He's doing okay now, but has a mild concussion and has to wear the self-dubbed "cone of shame" for a week:

Waiting in the ER is boring. Thank goodness for mobile Internet?
[personal profile] hyounpark: "How did people ever deal with ER visits before mobile Facebook?"

Because of the concussion and attendant mild nausea, I fed him fairly cautiously Friday morning - water and applesauce, BRAT-diet style. But at lunch, I decided it might be time for some variety, so I went to look through the cupboards to see what I could find, and spotted the KFP matzo I'd picked up on Wednesday. Hey, it's bland and cracker-like, so probably okay for a tender tummy, I figure!

So I bring the box of matzo into the office where Hyoun is tapping away on his laptop:

[personal profile] ursamajor: "You ready for some more food, sweetie? How about some crackers? I picked up some matzo yesterday at Whole Foods and -"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "We have matzo?! Why did I not know about this?! I LOVE MATZO! YOU ARE THE BEST WIFE EVER!"

I'd say his eyes lit up somewhere along the lines of this:

Then he proceeded to stuff three matzo crackers down his gullet. (For those who don't know, these are ~8"x8" squares.)

[personal profile] ursamajor: "If you get to matzo number five, I'm going to have to filk this."
[personal profile] hyounpark: "MATZO MATZO MAN. I WANT TO BE THE MATZO MAN."
[personal profile] ursamajor: "I ... take it your appetite is okay. Did you need anything to go along with your matzo? More water? Maybe some chicken broth?"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "We still have pulled pork in the fridge, right?"

Ladies and gentlemen, my husband, the culinary Jew. ;)


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