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Update (1/11, 6:28 pm) : We have contact with United! Will update as appropriate. Thank you, everyone, for your supportive words :)

[personal profile] hyounpark and I are back from Knoxville, and flying United Airlines to go anywhere ever again will be our Absolute Last Choice, based on the abominable "customer service" we received on our flights last Friday and Saturday.

Now, we've lived in the Northeast for fifteen years. We understand weather delays. Most of these events, in isolation, might not have been enough of a problem to warrant more than a minor kvetch. One set in particular, though (not the weather-dependent issues!), was so utterly reprehensible that I cannot believe that we have not heard back from United in the 48 hours since we submitted our original complaint.

Cut and sectioned because this is long.

Where United tries to reschedule us onto another airline's flights to get around the snow, but DOESN'T TELL US UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE )

Where United schedules us 45 minutes to make our connection in Dulles, but our flight out of Boston is delayed 30 minutes. )

Where United tells us ON THE GROUND AT DULLES that we can make our very tight connection if we hurry - but has lied to us, because the flight was closed even though we ran the entire way - and the run causes Hyoun to have an asthma attack )

The part I will not put behind a cut tag because 72 hours later I still cannot believe this happened to us:

9. The gate agent is in no mood to be helpful, and answers my questions with a snippy tone. "I don't have that information. I can't help you. The flight closed. It's not my fault you were given the wrong information. You need to go to customer service." At this point, I do not want to deal with him, so after ensuring that Hyoun was okay, we decided to split up - Hyoun would finish recovering and see if he could get any additional information, then meet me over at Customer Service.

10. In Hyoun's words, because I was over at the Customer Service desk asking what the next steps were:

When I asked the desk agent what his name was and whether I could confirm that he had no information about holding the flight open for us and 4 other customers headed to Knoxville, he refused to identify himself and said "you don't need to know that". He then proceeded to shove me backwards and yelled "Fuck you" at me. (Check the camera pointed at Gate A6 at Dulles around 10 PM on 1/7 to watch this exchange.)


(All blockquotes going forth are the incidents related in Hyoun's words.)

So the next step is to get a hotel room, right? )


In which we get four hours of sleep and nothing to eat until 7:30 the next morning because United detained us against our will until all food places were closed )

In which our flight is delayed, first two hours, then four, and we are again not permitted to leave the gate area )

At which point I tweet, 'OH MY FUCKING FOD WE HAVE A PLANE' )

But of course, something else must go wrong. (A tiny thing in the scheme of things, but.) )


Obviously, we are not happy. But we still had to get back to Boston from Knoxville, which meant that today, we reversed our journey: from Knoxville to Boston, via Dulles. No delay on our TYS-IAD leg, despite 4" of snow in Knoxville.

But the Knoxville flight always comes into and out of that small part of Terminal A where we'd had the Encounter with the Gate Agent Friday night. Remember back at #17 when I said, "thank god, the previous night's Gate Agent is not there. I sure as hell hope he is not there Monday, either, when we have to transfer back through Dulles." ?

You guessed it. He was there, working the desk.

We already have to scramble to make our next flight over in Terminal D, but to walk in and see him working in the public eye? As if nothing had happened, and he hadn't assaulted Hyoun not three days prior?

You know what this says to us, United? This tells us that you actually believe that it is acceptable behavior for your employees to attack your customers. This tells us that you don't actually respect your customers. This tells us that you don't actually value my business, or that of my husband, or that of our friends and family. We may not be the most frequent travelers, but we have flown internationally on you three times in the last 18 months.

I would say "there are no words" to express my fury, but, well, I certainly gave it the old college try, eh? :P
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i have so much i want to say about this weekend, but what really sums it up is that it was meant to be. it's like the universe wanted to smack me over the head and say "just buy the damn ticket already, wouldya hon?" andrew on receipts at work, andrew on bus signs, andrew in ice cream containers, and the realization that i haven't seen andrew in three weeks are compelling arguments for impulsivity.

and that all crystallizes when i walk onto the train at rosslyn, head full of the plans to meet up with my co-conspirators at a thai restaurant near andrew's apartment in order to pull off this last-minute surprise visit.

and he's sitting there, in a two-seater right by the door, looking somewhat bemused and confused and stunned and happy at the sight of me and barely able to form the word "... hello." of all the possible trains we could have been on, of all the doors i could have chosen to board that train, it worked out to be that one.

meant. to. be. :)


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