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spoilers for HIMYM: Disaster Averted and Tick Tick Tick )

But it does make me want gen fic about Nora and Kevin. (Separately. They had lives before they got caught up with Barney and Robin, respectively. They have friends outside the MacLaren's booth. I know very little about Kevin besides him having been Robin's therapist at one point, but I feel like I know even less about Nora, despite her storyline having gone on for somewhat longer and her actually working with Robin. Tell me more, people.)
ursamajor: Barney is devious (i'm thinking ...)
Okay, yeah, I don't actually watch HIMYM for Ted anymore, I generally want to smack him upside the head, and I'm more invested in the other characters, but spoilers for last night's ep )

In other news, [personal profile] hyounpark and I timed things pretty much perfectly last week - flew out Sunday, had flights scheduled back for Wednesday night, had said flights canceled because of the snowstorm, rescheduled for Friday night. Win! I'm at skip=infinity, though, so if I missed anything important in the last week, let me know? :)

Yeah, Disney has its issues (boy howdy were we having fun playing "Deconstruct the Disney Kyriarchy" this week; do not get me started on their new character Duffy), but a week of warm weather is really useful for the psyche after over a month of unending snowfall.

Lighthouse. With blue skies I'd forgotten existed in the dead of winter.

Highlights: designing and riding our own roller coasters, food food food, riding Expedition Everest 21 times in one day, did I mention food? )

Turkey leg for @hokun.

6. There was also an exhibit at Epcot that let us be characters in our own video game, so you can go play that and see our adorable victory dance. ;)

7. SEAGULLS ARE EVIL. They really, really are. That stretch of Frontierland where the shooting arcade is, it's actually kind of a big problem. People are stupid and feed the birds elsewhere, and then are shocked when a couple of dozen birds gang up Hitchcock style to swoop down en masse and snatch your food. Serious horror movie vibes.


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