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Stranger Denise to me and several other strangers: How about 8/3 for dim sum? Sent from my iPhone

Me: I love dim sum! But I don't think you actually meant to send this email to me, unless you're paying my airfare from Boston [to Seattle]. (Please remove me from this thread when you respond.)

- Lynne, not Kim.
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This weekend has been For Eating )

* mods: substituted coconut milk for the evaporated milk; sprinkled coconut strands on top. Should try with macapuno when I get a chance!


So I went out for cocoa with [livejournal.com profile] kazulrw yesterday (hooray, meeting awesome people in person after having known them for what feels like forever online!), and when I came home, I opened my email and found out that I'd been registered for a Jingle Bell Run.

... ahahaha. I am not a runner.

I read further, and found out the run was to be held in Bellingham, WA; so Yet Another Idiot who mistyped their email address got me signed up for emails I don't want. Or, worse, Yet Another Idiot who believes that my email address is theirs, signed me up for emails I don't want, despite my having had this email for six and a half years. Given my experiences this year, I'm leaning towards the latter.

This summer, I got email from a Whatcom Community College professor's students, asking me to look over their nutrition papers, accompanied by over a dozen attempts to reset my email password. This fall, I was getting weekly updates on the progression of the sixth-grade math program in the Bellingham Public School system. Now, I've been registered for a running event in Bellingham, WA, and been given the name, phone number, and full home address of the person trying to register.

The interesting part this time is that the name of the person this time is different than it was the previous two times. So I tell this to [personal profile] afuna, and she responds, "Maybe they're living together!" ... and sharing an inbox! (Apparently not as unusual as one thinks, which appalls me from a security perspective, but eh.)

Considering I don't actually know anybody who lives in Bellingham, WA? I've been making a lot of phone calls to the 360 area code this year, trying to get off of mailing lists I never signed up for! And I *hate* making phone calls. Hatehatehate. I'm thinking about implementing a whitelist for my inbox, because this is ridic.

Update: A wee bit more digging has yielded me a little-used Twitter, a posted-to-once Blogger blog, a YouTube account, and more importantly, a possible Google account they used to answer a question! And the username LINKS BOTH OF THESE PEOPLE. Omigod, I may finally have the information I need to get this to STOP.

Update(2): BINGO. I now have links to her Facebook, her Active.com account, and have discovered that her email address begins with ursaSmajor. Time to end this nightmare.

Update(3): Oh man, it gets worse - the second person isn't her boyfriend or partner or husband, it's her SON. She gave her SON the wrong email address. I won't be implementing an autoresponder, though, because I got yet *another* email for the wrong person, but a different wrong person, in Texas, and this one was announcing the memorial service for a child. :( Do not want to be *that* much of an asshole to make my point.


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