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Brought on by:

1. These pictures of Yosemite and the Golden Gate by Angela B. Pan, whose pic of the sunrise at the Vietnam Memorial you may have seen floating around recently.

I Love NorCal

(I am also apparently having a case of the forgetting to close div tags properly, mahbad.)

2. Links coming across my path today to open-space preserves and organized runs that [personal profile] hyounpark would love to go running in on a regular basis. Runs that he could do year-round, because his minimum running temperature is 40F and he doesn't seem to have much of an upper limit.

3. Berkeley Enough, the B-side to "Whole Foods Parking Lot":

4. A linked me to a pretty, pretty TIC duplex less than two blocks from the N-Judah and suddenly I'm having wild fantasies about H and I buying one half and H's brother and sister-in-law buying the other half because the housing prices aren't *that* much more than Boston for more actual *space*. (I know there are ever so many more factors to weigh than just this one-off happenstance set of links that crossed my path, and I love and adore Camberville and we have friends and family here. But we have friends and family in the Bay Area, too.)

5. I got to go home twice this year, and I'm pretty sure we'll be in the Bay Area next fall as well. Still:

Vamos Gigantes! #giants #baseball #mural #español #sanfrancisco

Happy Pride, everybody! (Home for the weekend.) #rainbow

Hanging with Lilah.
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