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After some extremely last-minute wrangling, [personal profile] hyounpark and I went to Toronto last weekend and ate very, very well. And did new things we didn't do last time!

I'm still uploading pictures, but I have a few things I would like to say on the matter of certain things we ate. We will start with Canadian Bacon.

Dear Real Canadian Bacon (aka peameal bacon),

I have been to your fair country at least a dozen times over the years, and this was my third trip to Toronto. How is it that I did not discover your true self, until I was this far into my fourth decade of life? No, you do not belong on pizza, like your false brethren, but you do go wonderfully on Eggs Benny. Or without eggs, as is [personal profile] hyounpark's preference:


Canadian bacon looks like this:

peameal bacon in the wild

And like this:

more peameal bacon

And can be bought in places like this:

peameal bacon sammiches

In short:

Love, me

Dear Craptastic Meat Product that Americans try to pass off as "Canadian bacon,"

Before this vacation, I had only ever experienced "Canadian bacon" on pizza with pineapple. Given your resemblance to American-style ham, which I think tastes disgusting, it's no wonder I thought you were gross.

On vacation, I had REAL Canadian bacon. And I liked it so much I had it THREE TIMES IN FIVE DAYS.

Canadian bacon = yummy with good texture! And I could see it going well on the right kind of pizza. Probably a pizza with egg. ;)
"Canadian bacon" = Lying liars that lie = SPAM.

No love, me


Update: I can affirm that Canadian bacon does not look like this:

maple-leaf-shaped Canadian bacon


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