ursamajor: Sokka is a carnivore (why are we at war again?)
[personal profile] ursamajor: So, the kimchidilla exists. :)
[personal profile] hyounpark: BRILLIANT
[personal profile] ursamajor: ... wait, what makes the kimchidilla brilliant and the li'l kimchi anathema?! or are you being sarcastic and i totally missed it
[personal profile] hyounpark: I said that before reading the description
[personal profile] ursamajor: ... WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD GO IN A KIMCHIDILLA
[personal profile] hyounpark: I retract my prior judgment
[personal profile] ursamajor: hahaha, that looks hilarious in my fancyass font allcapsed :D
[personal profile] hyounpark: Tofu?
[personal profile] ursamajor: ................ the entire point of a quesadilla is that it's two tortillas held together by ooeygooey melted cheese. if there's no cheese, it's not a quesadilla.
[personal profile] hyounpark: Armadillos?
[personal profile] ursamajor: it's a wrap, or whatever other modern parlance bullshit is being used. I wish you luck butchering that armadillo *G*
[personal profile] hyounpark: I thought kimchi would replace the queso
[personal profile] ursamajor: no, kimchi, in its function as a hot pepper, would replace salsa.
[personal profile] hyounpark: A minced kimchi, almost a paste
[personal profile] ursamajor: yeah, but kimchi's not a binder the way cheese is
[personal profile] hyounpark: Now I'm offended
[personal profile] ursamajor: I'm confused *G*
[personal profile] hyounpark: Gochu jang!
[personal profile] ursamajor: kimchi uses gochu in its pickling, yeah? i mean, obvs not a white kimchi
[personal profile] hyounpark: Kimchi is not like salsa /korean ;)
[personal profile] ursamajor: um. it's a hell of a lot more like salsa than kochuchang!!
[personal profile] hyounpark: There's red pepper in most kimchi
[personal profile] ursamajor: salsa that's *paste-like* is an abomination
[personal profile] hyounpark: Kochujang could be the binder! FIREDILLA!
[personal profile] ursamajor: good salsa has distinguishable chunks of the vegetables it's composed of. oh dear. So your new business is going to be opening a FIRE NATION FOOD TRUCK?
[personal profile] hyounpark: MEAT IN STICKS. Meat on sticks
[personal profile] ursamajor: you have to break the sticks open? ;) *ducks*
[personal profile] hyounpark: MEAT OVER STICKS
[personal profile] ursamajor: meat around sticks?
[personal profile] hyounpark: Meat under sticks! MEAT STICKS
[personal profile] ursamajor: meat by sticks! SNAP INTO A SLIMJIM <3
[personal profile] hyounpark: MEat in sticks are like your rollup things in the freezer
[personal profile] ursamajor: ooh, good point. i don't think there's enough binder in taquitos for them to be just plain meat sticks
[personal profile] hyounpark: And the irony? My lunch today is from clover [the local vegetarian food truck]
[personal profile] ursamajor: :D what'd you get?
[personal profile] hyounpark: Chickpea patty sandwich. And fries.
ursamajor: the Swedish Chef, juggling (bork bork bork!)
6:30 pm: our intrepid heroine pulls out the Flavor Bible and ponders what to put on a pulled pork pizza.
6:45 pm: [personal profile] hyounpark msgs our intrepid heroine:

[personal profile] hyounpark: For dinner, what about pulled porn pizza?
[personal profile] hyounpark: Pork!
[personal profile] ursamajor: ROFL. I am already in the process of making it.
[personal profile] hyounpark: Damn autocorrect
[personal profile] ursamajor: Yeah, silly autocorrect clearly doesn't know you if it thinks you'd type "porn" more often than "pork" :D

7:30 pm:

Pulled pork pizza. #dinnerathome


1. Preheat your oven to 400F. (If you have a pizza stone and a good smoke ventilation system, adjust upward as necessary for awesomer crust.)
2. Pour enough barbecue sauce onto your pizza for a thin coat.
3. Sprinkle on your pulled pork to your desired density.
4. Add cheese. :)
5. Chop a few scallions and scatter.
6. Top with red pepper flakes, toasted minced onions, and a dash of lime juice.
7. Bake until bubbly.
ursamajor: the Swedish Chef, juggling (bork bork bork!)
We had a rather eventful Kalends of March, to put it mildly.

[personal profile] hyounpark passed out at an industry dinner Thursday evening, and conked his head on the way down. He's doing okay now, but has a mild concussion and has to wear the self-dubbed "cone of shame" for a week:

Waiting in the ER is boring. Thank goodness for mobile Internet?
[personal profile] hyounpark: "How did people ever deal with ER visits before mobile Facebook?"

Because of the concussion and attendant mild nausea, I fed him fairly cautiously Friday morning - water and applesauce, BRAT-diet style. But at lunch, I decided it might be time for some variety, so I went to look through the cupboards to see what I could find, and spotted the KFP matzo I'd picked up on Wednesday. Hey, it's bland and cracker-like, so probably okay for a tender tummy, I figure!

So I bring the box of matzo into the office where Hyoun is tapping away on his laptop:

[personal profile] ursamajor: "You ready for some more food, sweetie? How about some crackers? I picked up some matzo yesterday at Whole Foods and -"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "We have matzo?! Why did I not know about this?! I LOVE MATZO! YOU ARE THE BEST WIFE EVER!"

I'd say his eyes lit up somewhere along the lines of this:

Then he proceeded to stuff three matzo crackers down his gullet. (For those who don't know, these are ~8"x8" squares.)

[personal profile] ursamajor: "If you get to matzo number five, I'm going to have to filk this."
[personal profile] hyounpark: "MATZO MATZO MAN. I WANT TO BE THE MATZO MAN."
[personal profile] ursamajor: "I ... take it your appetite is okay. Did you need anything to go along with your matzo? More water? Maybe some chicken broth?"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "We still have pulled pork in the fridge, right?"

Ladies and gentlemen, my husband, the culinary Jew. ;)
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Me: If you're done with the rice bag, I'm gonna go warm it up again for bed.
[personal profile] hyounpark: Warm it up, Lynne!
Me: ... I'm about to!
[personal profile] hyounpark: Warm it up, Lynne!
Me: 'Cuz that's what I'm supposed to do?


So the first thing I did this year was clean out the fridge. Then we filled it up with ALL THE FOOD (kind of) and made it actually somewhat organized!

And then I stuck pictures on Flickr and added all sorts of notes because I am a food nerrrrrrrrrrrrrd. (I meant to do this ages ago when it looked like I had a jungle growing out of the fridge, but really it was just the entire middle shelf full of kale and spinach and fennel.)

In my fridge )
ursamajor: Picard, much happier. Or more delirious, at least (here&amp;#39;s to the finest crew in sta)
This video still makes me laugh after almost four years:

I think this illustrate my sense of humor fairly well.

Of course, there is also:

sneezing panda reacts to large restaurant bill


A couple of nights ago:

[personal profile] jld: Bit, do I really want to buy the ridiculous BBQ gloves with flames printed on them?
<Fig-Bit> NO
[personal profile] ursamajor: jld: [personal profile] hyounpark would probably say, "why do you need BBQ gloves with flames printed on them when you can JUST USE YOUR HANDS and have actual flames on them!" ;)
[personal profile] ursamajor: and i just shouted this to him in the other room and his response: "I LOVE YOU YOU KNOW ME SO WELL"


I walk into the living room and [personal profile] hyounpark is watching TNG reruns. Onscreen, Picard is reviewing a fellow officer's video personal log.

Me: "Welcome to the 21st century. We call that video blogging or vlogging, now."
Hyoun: "Oh, we call it part of the enterprise collaboration suite."
Me: "Of course it's the Enterprise collaboration suite, what else would it be?!"
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Okay, yeah, I don't actually watch HIMYM for Ted anymore, I generally want to smack him upside the head, and I'm more invested in the other characters, but spoilers for last night's ep )

In other news, [personal profile] hyounpark and I timed things pretty much perfectly last week - flew out Sunday, had flights scheduled back for Wednesday night, had said flights canceled because of the snowstorm, rescheduled for Friday night. Win! I'm at skip=infinity, though, so if I missed anything important in the last week, let me know? :)

Yeah, Disney has its issues (boy howdy were we having fun playing "Deconstruct the Disney Kyriarchy" this week; do not get me started on their new character Duffy), but a week of warm weather is really useful for the psyche after over a month of unending snowfall.

Lighthouse. With blue skies I'd forgotten existed in the dead of winter.

Highlights: designing and riding our own roller coasters, food food food, riding Expedition Everest 21 times in one day, did I mention food? )

Turkey leg for @hokun.

6. There was also an exhibit at Epcot that let us be characters in our own video game, so you can go play that and see our adorable victory dance. ;)

7. SEAGULLS ARE EVIL. They really, really are. That stretch of Frontierland where the shooting arcade is, it's actually kind of a big problem. People are stupid and feed the birds elsewhere, and then are shocked when a couple of dozen birds gang up Hitchcock style to swoop down en masse and snatch your food. Serious horror movie vibes.
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Me, reading Geek Feminism headlines aloud: "Will you be a sexy witch, a sexy bee, or a sexy girl-geek for Halloween?"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "Because whatever it is, it's gotta be sexy! Like, how about a sexy ... entomologist?"
Me: "Oh, like Bambi?"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "..."
Me: "On the X-Files."
[personal profile] hyounpark: "..."
Me: "She was an entomologist! And Mulder couldn't stop staring at her chest!"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "... you aren't making this up, are you. Oh, boy."


Also, this came across my reading path elsewhere, and it amused the hell out of me, and I totally need to iconify it:

"Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse."
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Happy 추석/中秋の名月/中秋節/Tết Trung Thu/Lantern Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Mabon/start of סֻכּוֹת, those who celebrate! Lots of people celebrating outdoors tonight for many reasons. For [personal profile] hyounpark and I, it's also our wedding anniversary according to both the Korean and Jewish lunisolar calendars ;) (We were married on Chuseok/the first day of Sukkot last year. Per the Western solar calendar, we have another 10 days, which is good, because he's in class tonight. ;P )


I meant to post this a few days ago, but September is getting away from me.

Based on the results of last week's poll (and its counterpart), I'll be centralizing comments on Dreamwidth. (I can hear [personal profile] hyounpark spouting off about "unified communications solutions" now; oy. :) )


- Entries will be crossposted, so LJ friends can continue reading them on LJ.
- Comment links will go to the comments section on the Dreamwidth entry. If you'd like to comment on a given entry, I promise you that setting up your LJ OpenID on Dreamwidth is a really easy process; [personal profile] chrisg confirms that it takes about two minutes if you don't want to upload icons, but I know the ability to have (a selection of) icons for commenting is important to many of y'all. ;)
- If you're logged into Dreamwidth with your LJ OpenID, and I've given your LJ OpenID access, you'll be able to see and comment on entries that are locked down on DW. (I've given OpenID access to everyone who indicated in that poll that they didn't have a DW, but did want to comment; if this is the case for you and I haven't given you access, poke me!)
- You can also always send me a private message (and I'll link to that in my footer in the future), but I hope you'll come on over and contribute to the conversation! I like my friends and good conversations. :)

In related news, I also did a quick LJ friends-list-cut of everyone who indicated they were either posting only on Dreamwidth, or were crossposting the same content between Dreamwidth and LJ; have made sure we're mutually added on DW as applicable.


Minor House spoilers. Hyoun's fault. )


[personal profile] hyounpark: OMIGOD I AM SICK OF HOMEWORK.
[personal profile] ursamajor: Awww, it'll be okay. Just think of it this way: 15 more assignments and then I get to call you "master!"
[personal profile] hyounpark: But I was already a Pokemon Master. I should put that on my business cards!


죽 is ready; hooray lazy dinner.
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After all the hype and prep, we didn't actually really get much of a hurricane after all:

Wunderground's weather animation of HURRICANE EARL! ... I mean, Tropical Storm Earl ... I mean, uh, I slept from 10:30-8:30 and missed the entire rainstorm? )

So I feel a little silly that we went and bought nonperishables Thursday night. Ah well, at least this means [personal profile] hyounpark got to go to Foxwoods after all with the boys.

It did, however, result in us walking past the Jewish food shelf at the Stop and Shop in Arlington while we were shopping for said nonperishables, and Hyoun eagerly snagging a box of matzah off the shelf. And then pairing it with his leftover burnt ends two days later. When he puts on his Culinary Jew hat, man.

(I should make that into a tag, shouldn't I.)


You may have noticed that I'm a bit of a foodie. Maybe. Just a little. ;) I have a rather neglected food blog, but honestly, rather than posting there, these days, I'm more active talking about food elsewhere. I bookmark recipes on my aptly-named delicious; I post random food-related pretties at nomsequitur.tumblr.com (and yes, I did buy nomsequitur.com, I just have to figure out how to get that to apply over there ;) ). But the one I've been having the most fun doing lately is the one that lets me keep my finger on the Cambridge/Somerville restaurant scene - yes, I've become one of those people who talk about food on Twitter.

I've noticed restaurants starting to get into the Twitter scene around here - some of them doing it well (@jbchang of Flour Bakery is a veteran example; others, uh, at least they claimed the namespace? My favorite restaurant Twitters are the ones that post their daily specials, so I decided, hey, why not curate the yummiest-sounding updates into a daily Twitter post?

And thus, Camberville Chow. I especially encourage locals to follow - who knows where you'll feel like eating tonight! ;) (Yeah, I know, I need an icon. This also means I need to borrow a graphics program, or beat GIMP into submission, and I don't get along particularly well with the latter. I have a couple of ideas and the knowhow to execute on it; just lack the tools to do it easily.)


[personal profile] hyounpark was going oldschool Friday night and replaying Xenosaga:

[personal profile] ursamajor: *wanders in, sounds out names on screen* Shee-yon. Koss-Moss.
[personal profile] hyounpark: Kohs-mohs.
[personal profile] ursamajor: Oh ... I feel the KOS-MOS?
[personal profile] hyounpark: Kinda like that.

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Wii Fit: "By the way, what do you think of [personal profile] ursamajor's posture lately? (Looks Good, Looks Bad, Improving, [4th choice I forgot])"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "... looks good, baybee!"
[personal profile] ursamajor: "... So Wii Fit engages in marriage counseling?"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "It could just be playing yenta; I don't think we told it we're married."
ursamajor: Tajel on geeks (geeks: love them)
[personal profile] hyounpark, reading over my shoulder: "Wait, STDs, what?"
[personal profile] ursamajor: "Save the Dates. Apparently, it is standard practice in the Wedding Industry to abbreviate 'Save the Dates' as STDs."
[personal profile] hyounpark: "Wow, that's like, not even the third thing I would assume that abbreviation to stand for."
[personal profile] ursamajor: *puzzled* "The first is obvious, but what's the second?"
[personal profile] hyounpark: "Oh, standard."
[personal profile] ursamajor: "... see, I wouldn't have gotten 'standard' out of STD unless it was actually STDEV for standard deviation."
[personal profile] hyounpark: "Now who's the geek!"
ursamajor: Luna, expostulating (a different kind of wisdom)
Me: ... um, wow, Daniel Radcliffe does not look like a teenager anymore.
H: Or Hermione.
Me: Especially not Draco. How are these kids supposed to be playing teenagers for another movie beyond HBP?
H: It's like 90210!
Me: And they're all Andrea Zuckerman?
H: ... some of them are like Luke Perry.
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Hyoun or Auron?
Hyoun or Auron?
Hyoun just walked in looking like the mirror image of this. (No, not the Dark Mirror Auron. Sigh.) Red jacket, arm in a sling and all. Well, okay, sans sword.

[livejournal.com profile] hyounpark is home and resting and fine aside from a radial head fracture from slipping on the ice this morning. No cast!


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